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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

I have been saying this for the past two years and more and more there have been crazy reports on just how horrible "T-Mobile" phone service is.  I personally along side of at least 15 of my close friends have experienced their lack of service and drop calls while utilizing their services.  They also have horrible plan loyalty and the worst customer service I have ever had with ANY provider.  Upon looking at this man in the video who looks like a consumer who just got fed up give them a dose of their own medicine. 

After reviewing the video it looks like he gave them a dose and calmly and politely sat down and awaited for the police to do their job with NO resistance and calmly answered the police.
This made me wonder what would make anyone go to this extreme to prove a point? 

I know I had their services for over 9 years and over 3 accounts and was in good standing and was supposed to be a preferred customer based on the amount of international calls and business I brought to T-Mobile threw out the years and I also had their insurance plan and paid it for the duration of my time with them and NEVER using it to get a phone replacement or upgrade I paid CASH for all new phones. In 2010 I bought 3 HTC defective phones in a 3 month time span at full price 2 almost 5 hundred because I didn't want to purchase a plan and the very last one for 3 hundred and some change. whcih I bought  from September 2009 to January 2010 when I called to utilize my phone insurance plan they told me I would have to send it in and  get this either go to the store and pay full price or wait for them to fix it with NO replacement phone.  I freaked out and said you mean to tell me I don't get even so much as a discount their customer service rep told me NO after I waited almost 2 hours for someone to assist me. 

The nail in the coffin was after waiting for about 3 hours and speaking to two very unprofessional reps a  manager got on the phone and informed me if I didn't like their service I could just leave!  I was shocked and appalled and have this on video and on MP3 #REALTALK so I called back and said after being a loyal customer and after bringing T-Moble countless business are they willing to let an account that pays over $300+ every month go that easy she responded "You heard my options" at that very moment I went to Boost store got a new phone callled to mobile to transfer my phone number which they would only relinguish if you have a zero balance.  

Whats even crazier is the woman from T-Mobile even informed me of how great of a customer I was and how they didn't want to loose me but still offered for me to buy a new phone at almost full price with another 2 year contract I just told her "Thanks but NO Thanks!"  a few months later I got a letter stating that I had a bill from T-Mobile and they say I never cancelled service from them WDF?  How in the hell is that possible if YOU transferred my number to a new carrier?  So I can't speak to much in depth with that because that is still undergoing some legal review. Let's just say I have an open and shut case people lie but videos and audios DON'T!

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