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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Cool V's" Monday Model "Renee G" (This Model Goes Hard!)

Introducing "Renee G"

Meet model "Renee G" who has been modeling for about 8 months now.  She really enjoys being in front of the camera and getting to see the end results after a long hard day of shooting. Which makes her stand out because she is always on her grind whether on Facebook, Twitter or other websites and social networks. Trust me you will see and hear alot more from her based off of her outstanding networking skills.
But don't get it twisted this diva on the rise is not just beauty but a great personality and mind to match which makes her one to look out for! Renee has an associates degree in accounting and is also working on my bachelors degree in business management.
Renee says "I really think education is important and feel everyone should embrace their mind, body, and soul. I have a 2 year old son that means the world to me and he is my drive and motivation for everything I do in life."  In the modeling world you meet so many models that are catty, self centered and/or lazy when it comes to their grind NOT Renee!  This model is constantly setting up photo shoots, on twitter or FB networking with others or out attending events to push her career and also does not mine showing gratitude to those that show her support. This is a formula of success because your network is your NET-WORTH!

Check out what her stats and what type of work she is looking for photographers I highly suggest you reach out to this one!!!!

Height - 5'2
Weight - 135
Measurements - 34D, 27, 42
Eye Color - Green
Hair Color - blond and dark underneath
Shoe Size - 7
Ethnicity - Caucasian

Type Of Model:

Work Seeking:

Car shows
Promotional Modeling
Car Shows

Website -
Facebook -
Twitter -!/ReneeG_1
You Tube -
Model Mayem -

For Booking etc contact her at:

Also check her out as 1.FMJAMZ featured model of the week here also on RWDJS , Wiz Dailey Dose, Divas On Deck  and many other sites!

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