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Friday, June 27, 2014



What's Crack'n People!

I know it's been a minute since I have blogged and I have been meaning to do so but I have been working my tail off due to this whole YouTube dilema which has the industry in a frenzy!  I have been saying this for a very longgggggg time ( See HERE & HERE) but it seems that it was mostly ( because some smart artists & labels listened while others chose to ignore) falling on the ears of deaf people. (SMH) Well, The empire has finally fought back and this time with a vengance YOUTUBE has decided to drop independent artists and thats just the start.  They have also murged with major labels to force independent artists to sign with the majors and comply to a crappy 365 deal or their videos will be taken off YouTube IMMEDIATELY!!!

This is no longer small talk or hearsay don't beleive me Forbes Magazine, CNN, Business Insider and Billboard all have verified this!  You artist still not convinced f@ck it here's the entire contract provided by digital music news see "HERE" (There you have it in black & white) it's going to be a problem does it look familiar? Well if you have ever went to a major label and got a 365 deal it should look strangely familiar because ......IT'S THE SAME DAYUM DEAL!!!!

I warned you independents the government warned you with SOPA & ACTA (Which by the way was passed don't believe me see HERE!) People it is NOT a game now how is that going to effect the industry well you know all those youtube remix videos you like sooo much created by your favorite independent artists well .... You can kiss them goodbye this includes promo for mixtapes, people doing renditions of thwie favorite artist(s) songs or slamming dj club remixes they are throwing us back to the late 80's early 90's litterally!  If you think thats bad artists are going to have to grind harder and shell out much more money because the era of mom and pop stores are over and its strictly digital distribution and its effect on global branding this new move from youtube has made it even harder for artists because you now either deal with majors or now PAY for distribution!

This is a now a BIG win for major radio, TV and multi media and a loss for artists because in order to get he proper distribution a even bigger budget must now be in place to ensure success  I heard a few artists say thats nothing I'm just going to SOUNDCLOUD well guess what Twitter plans on buying that soon don't believe me see HERE so where are you going?   VEVO?  Well the jokes on you guess who's buying up VEVO's shares in the stock market?  Well you guessed it YOUTUBE!!! Don't believe me see HERE 
Wat most artists forget that these are businesses and the bottom line is MONEY!!!!! They don't give a damn about good music or talent hae you seen whats charting or what's on rotation on radio lately?

This is the MUSIC BUSINESS not MUSIC TALENT industry at the end of the day if it don't bring in profit it's doesn't make sense for labels, investors or radio.  What Can I Do You Ask?   First you can kill the swag or egos and start building great relationships with djs, radio ( college or internet  1st because they are more open to playing independents), publicists, marketing executives, night club owners, models and ANYONE that can help promote your brand!  Start respecting your fans and most important ...START DOING YOUR HOMEWORK YOUR RESEACH!!!!  Stop looking for get rich schemesand thinking EVERYONE owe's you something and buying unrealistic services and someone says they are gonna make you famous for $500 or get you on MTV for $100 bucks your clearly using poor judgement.  Major brands are in this to make a profit so ask yourself what do they have to benefit by helping you?  Are you signing to their label? Did you agree to a 365 tour with them?  Then chances are your value is as much as you value a check written out for you for $0 (Hello!!!! Do I have Your Attention Now?)

I hope this article has shead some much deserved and needed light on whats going on and the impact that youtube will have on indepenents also whats in store for independent artists.  I personally think this move is gonna backfire on YOUTUBE and cause it's death just like MYSPACE this is what happens when we get too greedy people but hey what do they care they are already billionaires and they are NOT musicians nor created youtube strictly for the music industry so you can't get mad at them for just doing good business for them.  They owe you NOTHING!!!! I also predict a new video site coming soon that's gonna replace youtube and its going to be based overseas watch!!!  I would like to thank all the industry insiders who has been ringing my phone constantly since this occured also I appreciate all the new business this has generated for people like myself and all major publicists, A&R's, DJ's etc...

You just heard the whistle people please START paying attention to whats going on so you can make sure your brand is NOT effected by things like this!

If your an artist or independent in need of assistance at this time contact myself see HERE and I along with my partner +Juel Salazar will be more than happy to assist you!

If you DON'T know my history in the game here's a small sample of what I've done (SEE HERE)


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