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Wednesday, February 27, 2013



1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you are from & how you got started?

My name is Kanary Diamonds im a entertainer i rap/sing/dance/act. Im from Watts, CA. I started in music as a background dancer and choreographer that led to girl groups. Then the girl groups led to my solo career.

2. You were featured in Kendrick Lamar’s She Need Me video. How was that experience? How did that come about? Did you know Kendrick Lamar before or during the start of your career?

It was cool, I've known Kendrick for many years prior to that so he ask if i would do it and i said yeah.

3. You released several singles and you had your own version of The Game’s song Money? How did you end up getting signed with Black Wall Street (The Game’s label)?

Well, I'm not signed to BWS but I've known Game for years and we finally got together to work and clicked and so me being apart of BWS snow balled from there but i am not and was never signed to BWS.

4. How do you feel about the state of Hip-Hop? And females rappers in the industry?

I'm feeling good about it with the rise of the Kendrick Lamar I think real, genuine stories are being accepted again. About female rap, I'm feeling good also some other chicks other than Nicki is shinning so thats a good thing.

5. Who inspired you coming up?

Because I'm a dancer first Janet Jackson so much they would call me Lil Janet. Hip hop wise 2pac, Dr Dre, Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, Eve, alot of the late 90's & early 2000's music.

6. If you could collaborate with anyone who would you want to work with?

Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, and Missy

7. Who have you toured with during your career in the industry?

I haven't toured with any major artist, all of them have been my own promo tours from a independent stand point.

8. You were affiliated with the Game’s Black Wall Street label, what came of that? How is your relationship with Game?

A lot of great things came from that #1 being more exposure and a wider audience so ill forever be grateful to Game for that. Game and I relationship is cool, we still can call each other for anything, if I need advice I'll still call him lol.

8. Where do you see in yourself in 2013?

2013 def even more exposure to the major market. I'll be touring and also dropping my EP so 2013 is exciting already.
9. The fellas want to know, what kind of men are you attracted too? And what’s the status of Kanary Diamond’s love life?

I'm attracted to tall, dark and handsome. But no matter how they look i look for character and morality in a man thats what makes me say yes or no. I AM SINGLE!!!

10. As an female rapper. What misconceptions that you had to face in the music industry?
Number one for me personally is the way look. A lot of people look at me and say theres no way i could spit, of course until they hear me lol.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cuffing Season is Over!

Well Cuffing Season is Over! The period between when Summer temperature's get's cooler and ends the Day after Valentines aka "Side Chick Day" or aka “I Had to Work so We gonna Celebrate Tomorrow” Day. February 15th also marks the first day of Break-Up Season, the time period where everyone realize they want to be free to go crazy with their friends during the Hot Season. With this being said, I feel that people that say "Oh it's cuffing season time to get bunned up" then be heartbroken and sad by the end of the season because they broke up is fucking stupid and deserve the experience they had. What people tend to forget that seasons END! That being said, you are actually planning your Love to end because you planned it in accordance to a Season. Your Love has Expiration Date now. It's like you are Renting Love for a certain amount of time, originally you weren't planning for it to last long it was temporary. You weren't planning to catch feelings, it was temporary. All you wanted was someone to make you feel warm during the holidays and give you gifts on Christmas, Kiss you on New Years and buy you a cheap Valentines gift February 14th. Now your contract is up so don't get mad get a new plan. Maybe your new plan should be instead of waiting for cuffing season maybe you shouldn’t rely on what people’s bad advice, stop forcing a relationship to happen, learn how to love yourself, and not depend on a season to determine your love interest.

Just a thought

Just a P.S.A. from friendly Social Network Neighborhood Pattawon
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