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Sunday, July 22, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

I had to bring you some new heat my boy "Mike Brinkley" dropped on me a few days ago the video is fun (Dope Walu) and the beat is pretty tight (great job MPIII) on this track!  I like "Jade Alston" check her new EP here on this blog just use my search----> and download it for FREE! Any who this video is pretty dope with the concept of girls having fun at a sleepover and she's relating a situation to her friends.  But hey see for yourself and give ME Feedback!

Directed by: Walu/ Capital Agent Media
Fashion/Hair styling: Nadia of Just Spoiled Image & Hair Consulting
Written by: Jade Alston
Music Produced by: MPIII Productions

Artist: Jade Alston
Song title: Sober
Produced by: MPIII

Twitter: @jadealston

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