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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


What's Crackn People!

What up people you know when you hear these names expect greatness "The Queen" (Latifah) has always rocked the show in the video above she teams up with her people all legendary Hip-Hop performers to kill a stage in philly she shared the stage with such great acts as "The Roots", Common Sense & DJ Jazzy Jeff to not only take you back with a blast from the past but to show you that #RealHipHop is Timeless!  Performing some of their own classics as well as tracks from "Big Daddy Kane, Biggie Smalls etc...

Also in today's news The Queen also reports shes ready to have a baby shes going to adopt a child which I not only commend but salute you Queen most people don't even want to raise their own so to raise a child that is not your take alot of love and a special person I should know (hell I'm raising my nephews!) but this is what she reports in a article by the  (The Christian Science Monitor) as she says "“I think I saw one of those specials... you know those movies of the week. And it was like – and I just always wanted to bring a child home,”  for full article see (Here)

You can also check out Queen Latifah in the television movie version of Steel Magnolias next year (2013) check out more info on the queen at her website

Follow Them:
Queen Latifah: @QueenLatifah
The Roots: @TheRoots
Common: @Common
DJ Jazzy Jeff: @TheRealJefrey

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