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Thursday, July 19, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

As many of you might know that interracial dating has reached it's highest peak and has been more excepted than ever.   We even have a mixed president which is proof and your seeing it more and more these days from regular people to superstar couples such as Robin Thicke & his wife model Paula Patton, Ice T & Coco, Iman & David Bowie just to name a few.  Interracial dating has been around for a minute yet some people still haven't grasp the concept either because of their ignorance or a deep misplaced since of devotion/loyalty to their culture. Bottom line people is no matter the color if your heart is in the right place and that special someone loves you for YOU do NOT let color be a barrier or what someone else thinks you should do or be remember in all you do stay true to YOU first.

As the illustrated image above shows today you see and still hear alot of black women & men hating on interracial dating which is odd because (Hell didn't we come here as slaves well some of us but that's another story! ) now-a-days I see more black women dating white men then vice-versa so I still don't understand the drama. It's like Ice T says "If love finds you no matter the color you settle down with that person and let nature take its course"  The truth is most people I see oppose it are the same people who drive their counterparts to someone else regardless the race.

It doesn't matter if that man or woman found someone of another race to replace you in the end they obviously had qualities you apparently didn't. (So Stop Hating!) Have you ever noticed that It's always the loud mouth woman/man who are no good who have high demands are the 1st to go against it. They always have so many demands (He/She must look like this, have this, drive this sex like that or vice versa ) Who are the ones who usually won't give that man/women the time of day. Those are the type who WONT DATE ANYONE WHO is not your typical jock/model or popular guy/girl a chance then waits until  he/she blossoms and then hates on who he/she chooses. Which in most cases is because that person had either been there for them or support their dreams. Yet  that person who didn't still ends up mad. (WDF)

Now I will give some of you the option B that's when you have been there for that person and he/she still mistreats you and If that's the case then know this that this is NOT a race/gender issue rather its a personal thing "You Just Picked An Asshole" (REAL TALK) which in most cases is true!  NOTE: If you met her/him as a hoe & tried to turn him/her into a wifey/husband then the jokes then on you and shame on you for NOT using your common sense.  If you got your love one by ill gotten gains trust me it will end the same.  I am so tired of the complaining b@tches and stupid ass nigga syndrome being a gender specific typecast  like "Katt Williams" says below ...."Don't Blame That Nigga .....Then maybe its ....YOU!" 

We GOTS to do "Better" people and stop the blame game it's like Micheal Jackson says "its time to take a look at the man/woman in the mirror and make a change" until you love YOU no one else will. Also if your trying to place unrealistic expectations on the opposite sex don't get mad when the roles are reversed. I say be happy with the one who truly loves you it is NOT about their looks nor their financial status in the end because if they don't truly love you NONE of that will MATTER! 
Wishing everyone reading this a great life and I hope you find that special person you love!

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