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Friday, January 27, 2017

They Can't Feel Their Face! @IAmDiddy and @FrencHMonTanA got too much white

NewMusic #WhistleApproved

Artist: @IAmDiddy
X feat: @FrencHMonTanA
Single: "Cocaine" (I Can't Feel My Face)

Album: Puff Daddy & The Family- MMM

Off Puff Daddy & The Family's "MMM" which is out now: Bad Boy Entertainment

Now Available & Streaming on: @WSHH @YouTube @iTunes

We do not claim ownership or copyrights of this material. This is for Promotional Use Only!

#Youheardthewhistle make it #official & #follow the US to UK

#NowCharting #IndustryBreakers #Challenge #Indies #Bombshell #Lit #GlobalDJs #international #Radio #US2UK #MrOW #JOR #RNRN #TheNEXT

Who's back and #Better! #NewMusic by @MissyElliott #MrOWApproved

New single "I'm Better" ft. Lamb available for streaming and download now:

Director: Dave Meyers & Missy Elliott
Executive Producer: Jordan Browning
Producer: Jon Brewer
Prod. Company: Bounty Content
Creative Direction By HiHat Productions
Choreography By Sean Bankhead & Missy Elliott
Video Commissioner: Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop, VP Video Production
Lily F Thrall, Associate Director, Video Administration
Joe Boyd, Manager, Video Production

Follow Missy Elliott:

What are your thoughts of diversity in @Marvel and @DCComics?

Recently Black superheros have been taking the stage front and center from Marvel's Netflix series Luke Cage, to the Black Panther making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Captain America: Civil War, characters created by Brian Michael Bendis like Ultimate Spider-man: Miguel Morales and Iron Heart (Riri Williams- Tony Stark's Iron Man protege), and most recently CW's Kid Flash from the Flash TV series Wally West.

The first three Black superheroes were most notably Luke Cage, Black Panther and Storm who made her debut in Giant Sized X-Men #1 in Marvel Comics and then also DC introduced their superheroes such as Black Lightening, Green Lantern Jon Stewart, Cyborg, Icon and others. Recently, Marvel has been more adventurous in shaking up the status quo of their traditional characters like a time making Sam Wilson "The Falcon" as the primary Captain America, a female Thor (longtime on and off Thor love interest Jane Foster), an Asian-Korean Hulk (one of the Incredible Hulk's buddies Amadeus Cho who is also one of Marvel's smart teen geniuses), an mixed Black and Latino Spiderman, and recently a brilliant 15 year old Black female Riri Williams as a female Iron Man known as Iron-Heart. Even Iron Man's love interest and assistant Pepper Potts has also donned some Iron Man armor. Also, even to DC Comic's credit they did also make Jimmy Olson on the CBS now CW's Supergirl to a Black man James Olson who is still Superman's best bud and also has stepped his role in the latest season of Supergirl. No spoilers so I do encourage you to check out and see about all these characters.

Coincedentally, I wasn't the only person to come up with this top as YouTube channels Comics Explained and Comicstorian have also did videos on this subject and stating their stances on this subject. Why some people may feel upset that some traditional heroes are being changed but my opinion is this is 2017 and diversity is welcomed. Other ethnicities need their heroes and heroines. For instance, not only does Marvel still have Peter Parker webslinging as Spiderman but New York is big enough to have two men- one Black and one White both equally wear the mantle of Spiderman and both have membership on the Avengers. Heroes such as Steel, Duke Thomas and Batwing don't replace superheros such as Superman, any of the previous and current Robins and Batman but they have more than enough room in the comics to work alongside them. So, my opinion is it is not so much about replacing and changing the status quo but letting us have our own heroes. There was a point in time where we didn't have this much diversity. Yes, we had few heroes such as Luke Cage, Black Panther, Storm, Black Lightning, Icon, Blade and Falcon.

Marvel's television division included diversity with Mack, Melinda May and Agent Triplett in their Marvel's Agents of Shield and female Inhuman SHIELD agent and fan favorite Sky aka Daisy Johnson. Also, CW's the Flash and Arrow introduced characters such as Wally West and Iris West who instead of being white are Black on the TV show, Mr. Terrific on Team Arrow, Firestorm, Hawkgirl and Vixen. Marvel's partnership with Netflix brought us Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. The Luke Cage series dealt with the current issues of racism and police brutality. As even rapper Method Man cameos in the series and trades hoodies with the one Luke was wearing shot up with holes as a reference to the killing of Trayvon Martin. So, overall in my opinion diversity in comic books is a welcome change in my opinion.

Celebrate Music's Top 100 Power Players with @Billboard - Issue Dropping Feb 10th 2017

The Billboards Power 100 issue Celebrates the top Music Power Players in the Game & Influence the Music Business. These are all the Majors who create and curate recorded music, live concerts, song publishing, on a global scale. This Article will Spotlight the heavyweights, who ultimately transforming and evolving the music business. - Billboard This is a Bonus Distribution, for more info obtain the PDF HERE

#ASCAP Members take 80% of this years #Oscar Nominations | @ASCAP

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Oscar Statues paint day On the morning of January 24th, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences revealed the 2017 Academy Award nominees, and ASCAP composers and songwriters took 80% of the music categories. Composers Volker Bertelmann, aka Hauschka (Lion), Nicholas Brittell (Moonlight) and Mica Levi (Jackie), who licenses her music through ASCAP in the US, each scored music for critically-acclaimed 2016 films. READ FULL STORY at or CLICK HERE

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

@SXLiquors Presents CASE Tonight

Tonight it's going down @SXLiquors Presents R&B sensation CASE @Case_Music shoutout to my girl Madeline aka @@SheTheKingmaker for this one #UHEARDTEHWHISTLE this event is 

Whistle Approved! The Dining experience for 2 will include: 2 LOBSTERFEST Entrees of your choice 1 Appetizer & 1 Dessert of your choice to share and 4 SX liquor drinks or a Bottle of Wine.....The Entertainment of the night will include an intimate R&B experience with multi-platinum artist "CASE".....

WHEN: Wednesday, February 15, 2017
TIME: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST
WHERE: Red Lobster
261 West 125th Street
New York, NY 10027

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cali brings 90's at it's Best to OC's Signature Mansion #REWIND | @RewindOC @MansionCostaMesa

#MansionDolls @ #RewindOC every Friday Night! The Heavy Hitta's are back says #CoolVTV, under one Roof, Weekly at Cali's Orange County's Signature spot Mansion Costa Mesa. Some of the Hottest DJ's, Guest appearances are coming to #Rewind to turn up to our favorite Throwbacks of the 90's at it's Best! The timing is impeccable with New Generations kicking off New Music Waves, bringing back the Classics of where it all started is Brilliant! - #CVTV #Rewind Thursdays launched in 2015, and re-launched its Friday Night debut 2016. Rock out with 1k+ of the finest Party people at Costa Mesa's Mansion #REWINDOC Party Events.
Every Friday | No Cover 21+ Event. Music: Sing A Longs. 90s. Classics. R&B. That Feel Good Music & Your Jams. This is a #Coolvtv @CoolVTV Event Review by @Juelsofrome Coming soon Follow our Global Radio Network | Coming Soon!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What happens when you put @CTFletcherISYMF in the gym with @WWE Superstars @MSTBigELangston, @JinderMahal, & @BraunStrowman

It is no secret that CT Fletcher is a WWE fan. Heck he stands a good chance to go toe to toe with any other the Superstars. His gym in California has been opened to anyone who wants to come to workout including the featured WWE Superstars and even A list WWE Superstar, athletes and movies stars such as John Cena and the Rock. CT Fletcher first came to our attention when we stumbled upon his videos on YouTube.

Being no stranger to the gym myself and even being paired with a personal trainer that had my arms sore for weeks when I first seen CT I thought dude was crazy. Doing bench bicep curls he commanded his arms to grow and pushed pass pain and soreness to make his arms diesel swole. In this video, we see a few current superstars workout with CT Fletcher and he even gives them a run for their money. Definitely check it out and support brother CT Fletcher at his site HERE.

CT Fletcher Interviewed by Stone Cold Steve Austin

Edited and Filmed by Dru Peebles aka Psycho Dru Follow him on

Happy 10 Year Anniversary! @Apple released the phone that started all smartphones...#iPhone 10 years ago

What has been a game changer since 10 years ago, Steve Jobs on 10 years ago on Jan. 9, 2007. The first of its kind where the device was not only a phone but also an MP3 iPod Player and an WiFi internet capable device. New products always breeds competition which also caused companies like Samsung and many others to create their own phones and also gave way to internet search engine company Google creating their own software Android OS to work with competitors to the iPhone such as the Samsung Galaxy and HTC phones to name a few.

Recently, this past fall Apple released the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus. And again they changed the game by eliminating the headphone jack in support of the Lightning plug connection which the current generation iPhone 7 uses for both charging and audio capabilities as well as into 2017 everyone uses Bluetooth connections for wireless audio listening. And a lot of the previous and current version of iPhone, Apple has improved the technology to make the iPhone 7 to rival the best DSLR camera. What better camera than one you can always have on your person.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Is #ThugLife still alive and well? @Prez_T #salutes the legendary #2PAC! #US2UK

President T pays homage to the legend Tupac with this banger titled 'Thug Life'.

Buy or Stream here:

"Tupac wasn't just a rapper to me, he was a way of life." - President T
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----- Shot & Directed by Alhan Gencay.
Produced by Levelz.

Rated Next Radio Global Network Officially Launches January 2017 NOW ACCEPTING ALL REPORTING DJS, NEW MUSIC, & INFLUENTIAL BRAND IN THE INDUSTRY! Send us your inquiry of more info to @RatedNextRadio

Monday, January 9, 2017

@DJSNS & @WizTheKid Drops The #LOVECOMEDOWNChallege



Good Kid, Bad Kicks @KendrickLamar and @Reebok debut Club C Capsule sneakers

On the eve of his third sneaker shoe release with his partnership with Reebok, Hip-Hop lyricist Kendrick Lamar will this month release his Club C Capsule sneakers on January, 13th. Known for his creative lyrics in his songs and albums. He's hopeful that these new sneakers will bring people together.

The low-top, grey sneakers have a pattern that reveals more and more intricacy as you look closer and, according to a press release by Lamar, that's the point.

"Now more than ever it is important for individuals to come together as one," Lamar said. "This sneaker represents that call for unity and equality, while also pushing people to look beneath the surface and uncover the hidden messages. This is something I try to do with my music, and now here with the Club C." FOR MORE CHECK OUT THE FULL ARTICLE HERE AT POPDUST

While we have not heard any new singles from specifically Kendrick. Last album released by Kendrick Lamar was the "Untitled: Unmastered" album. The rapper who brought us "Alright featuring Pharrell" has recently collaborated with Maroon 5 and The Weeknd.

Make sure you check out our #RNRN YouTube channel HERE for more videos from Kendrick Lamar and other hot artists and new artists

Sunday, January 8, 2017

What's New This Year at #2017 @CES #ConsumerElectronicsShow

Every year at the beginning of the New Year, the technology industry debuts what's Next and upcoming at the annual Consumer Electronics Show where this year it's definitely about drones, smart TV, OLED HD TVs, Bluetooth headphones, new automotive technology, new in home entertainment, computers and much more.


The International CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Held in Las Vegas every year, it has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years—the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.


In the market for a new laptop check out Digital Trend's 10 BEST LAPTOPS AT CES 2017: HERE


Are you wondering what's the weirdest tech that was showcased there as well. Check out Yahoo's article on the weirdest tech to be shown at CES: HERE

Needing some #Company? @Tinashe got your back

"Company" Available Now:

Apple Music:
Google Play:

Follow Tinashe:

Rated Next Radio Global Network Officially Launches January 2017 NOW ACCEPTING ALL REPORTING DJS, NEW MUSIC, & INFLUENTIAL BRAND IN THE INDUSTRY! Send us your inquiry of more info to @RatedNextRadio

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


"Introducing UK's Newest Sensational"
What'sCrackn People!

You already know #MrOW aka Cool V (Cool Vibez) #MrOfficialeWhistle The #OfficialWhistle always dropping that official heat from the #US2UK the industries #OfficialBrander!  This UK native was brought to my attention by my peeps at +SBTV: Music after hearing her she gave me that familiar feeling when Justo #RIP and Findi first let me hear +NICKIMANAJ VEVO for the first time. I knew after hearing her and seeing her swag and grind that she mos def was headed places in this male dominated industry.  I premiered Nick on my old site Trunk Hustlers ( Which was a the 1st global entertainment networking platform on ning besides THISIS50 that I created  over 10 years ago!) and my peoples Crate Diggers, also in VinylBreakers and MIXSHOWBLASTDJS etc etc...  Bottom line is  It's refreshing to hear a female MC that can hang with the best of them.  At first glance and first listen your immediate thoughts is an comparison Nicki Manaj who heard the whistle when she 1st started.   But don't get it confused this lil UK mama has a lane of her own.  She can also be versatile and because her pops was a dj I think she was groomed early! (#REALTALK) #UHEARDTHEWHISTLE #Official!  

For some time UK rappers have been only killing in their markets but femcees in the UK is NOTHING NEW from Ms Dynamtee, Mz Brat,Shystie, Nolay,Lady Leshurr, Paigey Cakey,Lioness, Baby Blue, ADot to RoXxan etc.. (Those are the ones that truly stand out in my book at least) As #MrOW (#CoolV) #TheOfficialWhistle it'smy job to stay on top of who's #GOTNEXT from the #US2UK and across the globe!  Currently Hip-Hop is in a good place and the era of Femcees is making a comeback and there are some women stepping their bars up.  Because fora minute let's face it when #LilKim slowed down and when Remy Ma was locked up it seemed the only female alive was Nicki Manaj for a minute unless you was overeas then you would have known thats a different story! This Birmingham Native hopped on the scene with killing the mic for more on her background check the @Stefflon Don with CapitalXtra where she explains her beginnings.


You already know that #MrOW (A.K.A Cool V) only cosigns the hottest new artists across the globe hence #TheNext #UHEARDTHEWHISTLE and this artisr is mos def #WhistleApproved.  I have to give a big shoutout to LinkupTV and  SBTV and my dude UKSource for putting me on to this blazing mami. Real women are going to relate because shes 100% real no fake nothing naturally thick diva from the islands so the regular thick chicks will mos def relate to her and her sound is universal. Although she has her own style her vibe is that of nicki in the early 2000's when Myspace was Imeem was around and dominated the music industry wayyyy vefore soundcloud and facebook. Back when the download scene just emerged on the music scene and before the SOPA ca

mpaign and before the crusade after Mixtape deejays for copywright law when BADBOY, FUNKMASTERFLEX, DJ CLUE and DJ Drama (Etc Etc too many to bane ...) was killing the industry with hard to get exclusives and the remix game was MADDDDD



Whats tougher than leather or cooler than leather NOTHING but #SUEDE baby! 


Hey Fellow Vibbers!

This is my 1st submission to +Cool V  +Mr Official Whistle and as a Soul Disciple I post music that feeds and fuels your soul!  You can follow me on Twitter/Instagram @plasticvibez you can also follow me on FB /djplasticvibez . (#FOLLOW NOW!) Ok let's get down to business introducing hot new artist James Vincent McMorrow and his re-debut hit #GETLOW which introduced his sound to America and globally with this #Chartbanger track which has a melodic vibe that will catch you as soon as he starts singing and when the melody starts it's infectious and hard to not  to trapped in the groove.  He's no newcomer he;s been around actually since 2010 and has been making noise in the UK and abroad but this track is introducing him to new audiences and millennials.

Check the Official Video & the "Live Session" for James Vincent McMorrow's 'Get Low'. Which are both great by the way! taken from his latest album ‘We Move’ out now download here:

Director: Libby Burke Wilde 
Produced by: Greatcoat Films

Tour Dates

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