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Saturday, July 7, 2012


"What's Crack'n People!" 

I am always having artists or brand inquiring about distribution services and always watching all these guys on the web with a ton of cookie cutter services (smh) what I don't get is how do you expect your brand to stand out when your positioned EXACTLY the same?  

It's not just product placement but proper positioning what do I mean by that?  Well it's simple look at it like this if you have a new brand or even if your out and have a pretty decent name you still have to do something to make your brand truly stand out! A great example of this is the Superbowl halftime show commercials companies pay millions upon millions for slots to endorse their brand and usually the one that sells the most are the brands that can come up with the most memorable commercial.
Just like those commercials it is key for YOU to keep this in mind when your selling your brand most people loose out because they assume other people share the same passion about their brand as they do and that it takes very little when in fact it takes much more to convince someone else.

The easiest person for you to sell is YOURSELF (#Fact) the hardest person is a unknown consumer. (Keep this in mind when your creating your marketing strategy). Also please leave it to the professionals I see way too many new brands (artists, models, new labels, etc..) coming in the game acting like they know it all and only been in the game for a minute. Think about it this way ... after reading a law book do that make you an attorney?  Or after watching a Micheal Jordan how to dunk video do that turn you into Lebran James? Ok if not then why do so many people assume it would be any different with their business? In short leave it to the pros (Why because they know what they are doing and all the tricks of the trade) because if you take the short cut and mess up they are the ones you eventually have to call to come clean up what you've done also that actually raises your costs because let's face it who wants to come clean up someone else's mess? Would YOU? #Message

I didn't forget Quick Tips For Getting Your music Heard:
  1. Tag your new music to your replies on your emails
  2. Include Then in your info on social networks
  3. label them properly (Industry vets hate when you don't)
  4. Follow directions when submitting
  5. Attach them as a response to your tweets 
  6. schedule daily blast utilizing social branding apps like Keep & Share
  7. Package them right pay for artwork don't do cheesy covers
  8. Do your research and compile a hit list of DJ's radio station programers, djpools, bloggers and industry tastemakes
It's Official you just heard the whistle have safe weekend ;)
If you need assistance don't hesitate to hit me up see: "Here" 

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