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Monday, July 23, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

What up my boy "Ray Lavender" drops a new R&B banger called "We Love" a nice balled and tribute to that special girl.  The beat is hot and as always Ray goes in on this one the production is crazy and this just gives you a good feeling.

Starting this week with a *Bang* I'd like to also give big shout out to Ice Schuler and Ray Lavender for tearing VA up this weekend (Sorry I couldn't Make It Guys will mos def do so on your next visit) Also a big shout to Will over at Digiwaxx & Big Bru  for shooting me this record. I personally give it two thumbs up and it will mos def be in rotation in the Rated Next Radio Networks & The RW Record Pool but don't take my word for it take a listen & judge for yourself!


~Cool V~
Mr Official Whistle

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