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Monday, July 30, 2012


Whats Crack'n People!

As of late I'm increasingly hearing a ton of feedback about how more and more the amount of ungrateful family, friends,, clients, artists, models, DJs etc.. in dramatically increasing.  What's even more surprising and  crazier is the fact that most of these arrogant people happen to be all industry NEWCOMERS!!!  Now enough is ENOUGH the 1st things FIRST there are "RULES TO THIS GAME!": since most of you have NOT had the privilege to have learned any let me give you some pointers (No Worries This Ones On The House!)

  1. Do your research stop wasting professionals time it is also bad to go into a business meeting unprepared.
  2. Stop fronting like your in a position of power humility gets you far NOT cockiness (that shuts doors) Don't write a check your ass can't cash!
  3. Earn your Keep either pay for your services or offer Trade nothing from nothing = NOTHING
  4. Be professional do NOT contact him/her with YOU or can you you are NOT on equal ground
  5. If they so happen to show you love respect it promote your features & interviews (Its Your Job TO PROMOTE YOUR OWN BRAND Unless YOU PAID FOR PROMO!!!!)
  6. Show respect no industry professional is going to sit all day on the phone explaining nothing to you unless you are cutting a check #Message
  7. Stop being your biggest fan taking all the room away from your fan club even Kanye waited to get on and won a few grammys before his head got big!
  8. Stop the I'm broke sitcom meanwhile your in your video and posting on social networks showing off & bragging about what you just bought ...DO YOU THINK WE ARE DEF DUMB & BLIND?
  9. Have some sense of loyalty to those that put you on its a small world and this industry is even smaller
  10. Respect your fans, supporters and most of all your team remember no one owes you NOTHING! "Don't burn bridges you NEVER know when you have to cross it again."
    If YOU don't promote your brand why in the hells should anyone else?  It's like my favorite quote one that my boy Mike Minter put in his new book "I PLAN" PAGE 33 Quote "You Can't Make A Withdrawal without making a deposit" and that's fact not fiction  I hope this helps you along your way and salute to those that took the time to read this insight remember this is to help YOU not ME I'm already there ;) 

    God Bless Have a Great Day People! ~Cool V~
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