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Monday, June 20, 2016

Music’s Revolutionary Break, drops Its First Launch! - #MusicMonday #MQM #US2UK | @RatedNextRadio

Rated Next Radio Network - #MQM Distribution Infographic #RN Radio Network Presents #US2UK International Heat! Music & Marketing Industry Vet Cool V aka Mr Official Whistle, Founder & CEO of #RNRN releases #MQM(Millennium Quad / the 4 M’s - Music, Monday, Mixdown, Mixtape) Global Rated Next Radio Network’s first conglomerate project of its kind. In the fast pace millennium changing Industry, Cool V took action to bring Music’s Distribution epic. #RNRN will report Monthly real time feedback to Industry labels, with the focus to open more Music industry growth across the globe. One of hundreds of #RNR Networks global DJ’s - DJ Redman, a UK All Genre DJ & Owner of Beat-Rate Radio UK brings this fascinating project out with a BANG in 3 Mixtapes total, titled: Hip Hop Moods Mixtape Vol II, featuring International Heat from the US to the UK. The Product’s Releases #MusicMonday June 20th, 2016 for Global Promotion, on Mixcrate, Mixcloud, Youtube, and portals across the globe for all to enjoy! History is in the making, bringing Revolutionary Breaking Heat & Music Branding at its best. In need of something different and innovative to bring impeccable music back to the forefront, the time is now, and Rated Next Radio Network has taken every component within the realm and in the development of the #MQM and its distribution. Bringing in Creative New Talent from across the globe from the vast developed networks of RNRN, to delivering quality product & the Needs to Music Labels and fans alike, this will bring Music heat back on the map! The official first #MQM release, From the US to the UK International Heat will give music lovers a welcoming return, and is promised to KNOCK! #US2UK - #International Heat History In the Making @RatedNextRadio Global Network

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Why you should care about @E3? 2016's biggest announcements!

A lot of big announcements by @Nintendo, @Sony and @Microsoft this year in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center most notably the much anticipated Legend of Zelda game, a mobile app Pokimon Go game, a smaller XBox One dubbed the XBox One S, and a release date given for the Playstation VR. Just to name a few to get started. Make sure you follow E3 on Twitter @E3

Unfortunately, Nintendo would not announce a new console which the gaming industry is expecting to be the successor to Wii & Wii U, the NX. They announced a unique Pokimon Go smartphone game app that would use geo-location where users would go to different locations in their city using the game app to capture various types of Pokimon and for those who travel even be able to go to places where they are traveling in different cities. Think of a scavenger hunt where it's an interactive smart phone game app and you go to well known places in the city or wherever city you just so happen to be at. Nintendo promises that you won't have to go to no dark alley or seedy neighborhood in your city or that city.

Much anticipated they announced a new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. "It’s not really accurate to describe Nintendo’s E3 2016 show floor presence as a booth — it’s more of a shrine. And that shrine is dedicated almost entirely to one thing: the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is launching on both the Wii U and NX some time next year."...see more HERE.

XBox used E3 as an opportunity to unveil what many fans and a lot of current XBox 360 users may have been waiting before deciding to commit to go over to the current gaming systems, the XBox One S. Many of us gamers have brought Playstations and XBoxes only to years later see a smaller compact version of the same system released (i.e. XBox 360 Slim, Playstation 2 Slim, and PS3 Slim). Also to compete with Sony Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, and other VR gaming devices, XBox announced Project Scorpio which is an XBox One with VR capabilities. A lot of XBox gaming titles were annouced with XBox Anywhere which if you start a game on XBox One you can continue playing on a Windows 10 PC bridging the gap between console gaming and PC.

The Sony Playstation press conference had quite a few surprises, a new God of War game, Playstation VR release date, a very ambitious Marvel, Sony, & Insomniac Studio produced Spiderman game, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, a new generation and VR compatible gameplay Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Batman Arkham VR, new generation Crash Bandicoot, Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission, & more. SEE HERE- SONY AT E3 2016 IN FIVE MINUTES.





Friday, June 10, 2016

The Reappearing film you been waiting for #NYSM2 Sneak Peak Review | @nysmmovie @lionsgatemovies

Magical Rain, Sprinklers, Strobe Lights, where reality meets magic! What?! Cool V's TV states this film puts the unthinkable on the level with reality in the revolutionary millennium. From start to finish, Now You See Me takes you on a epic suspense ride of tricks. "Right to the end, clever but I knew something was up when they started throwing people off the plane." Quoted by: review Host - @Murdockhd of #TheNEXT #CoolVTV

#TheNext, #CoolVsTV gives 5 stars to the movie that takes mind bending adventure beyond fascination, @Lionsgate Movies presents Now You See Me #2.

Monday, June 6, 2016

#Innovation - #Imagination - #Inspiration - #MrOW - #MusicMonday #MogulMonday Announces 2016 #CLIOAward Deadline - June 17th 2016 | @CLIOAwards

Creating Music in Advertising CLIO Awards 2016 It's #MogulMonday, time for some industry tips, #MrOW (Mr Official Whistle aka Cool V) #MusicMonday highlights Innovative, Imagination, inspiration for #NewMusic and its Branding. If you have not noticed yet, Branding is everything, and now with technology and fast pace revolutionary virtual world, #creativity is #Key. As we tell our clients, "It's gotta be Epic!" So here are some tips to do just that! Keep in mind way out different and out of the box is a necessity if you want to stick out from the rest. CLIO Image and CLIO Music have kept in mind what it takes to be Innovative and inspiring in today's world as they get prepped for 2016 Awards to be held in New York. Take a look at last years CLIO commercial ;)

Branding #NewMusic Tips * Be Innovative - do something different * Creative - use your imagination when creating your ads / campaigns *Inspiration - be inspired by what ever catches your eye (even if out the box) * Attract - make sure to capture all audiences making your ads / campaigns easy to access and view on net & mobile For more Branding assistance - our Behind the Scenes #TheNEXT Branding Team Executives #MrOW (Mr Official Whistle aka Cool V) & #JuelofRome, we will continue to share more tips ongoing on #MusicMonday #MogulMonday and #TipTuesday, so stay posted. If you are in need of more Branding, Marketing, PR services you can contact us here: "It's Gotta Be Epic, Lets Make History Today!" Lets get started & click the link here! #TheNEXT, #MrOw, & #JOR team wants to remind all inspiring Artist with #NewMusic, if you have killer ads / campaigns, make sure not to miss the deadline to enter cause you deserve the recognition for your Imaginative Designed campaigns. Also stay posted as, we will be following up with full coverage of this years CLIO Awards 2016.
Wednesday, September 28th @ American Museum of Natural History - New York City CLIO Image and CLIO Music will be incorporated into the 2016 CLIO Awards. *More information to come.


"#MrOW Music Monday Choise Artist Pck"

What's Crack'n People!

It's #MusicMonday time for new music from #MrOW ( Mr Official Whistle aka Cool V) time to blow the official whistle today! #FactsOnly Remember when you heard that feel good music well this Summer +WeAreDeLaSoul #DELASOUL remember when music used to give you chills and HipHop was relatable regardless of age, race or sex you could just relate to it! #WORD Nowadays some music dont even use words. (Really?????) but Hip-Hop vets DeLaSoul drops a project that's gonna take you back to times where music was fun and for EVERYBODY!  It feels like yesterday when they burst on the scene with their debut album "3 Feet High & Rising" a classic filled with jams! #TrustMe They transcended Hip-Hop for over 2 decades and 9 albums later they are still electrifying stages and delighting audiences world-wide.  It feels like summer all over again with the hot new music and highly anticipated project they just released entitled  "And The Annonymous Nobody" 


It brings #MrOW aka Cool V (Vibes) the industries #OFFICIALWHISTLE great pleasure to introduce their newproject today. If you are familar with their discography you willknow they take a great deal of pride in the music they put out. From the intro's to the outros to the skits in between the music DELASOUL has always delivered solid projects. Always dropping #GoodMusic and #GOODVIBES.  This new project coming from their new label Rough Trade Records is music to my ears. In a time where Trap Music is dominating the airwaves and the global Hip-Hop community globally it's refreshing to hear a well welcomed alternative to the industry norm these days because it's more political than musical but thats another story #Analytics and #Politrix (Ya Feel Meh) They started a Kickstarter campaign and within hours the projects goal was reached!(Now thats LOVE)
This projects delivers in more ways than one from the catchy title to the cool artwork to the banging music it's a all around #WinWin in my book you just  can't go wrong with this album check the listing below!  This is a SOLID project and you know I only COSIGN that official heat and been rockin with since my college days at WBNY when they came to Buffalo State College and ripped the stage apart since then I've seen them countless times in NYC, Canada and DC.  All it takes is one live show and you'll see why they are one of the most respected Hip-Hop groups in the game. #LEGENDARY

"Download Your Copy Today #WhistleApproved"

"Genesis (Intro)" (featuring Jill Scott)
"Royalty Capes"  
"Pain" (featuring Snoop Dogg)
"Property of" (featuring Roc Marciano)
"Memory Of… (US)" (featuring Estelle & Pete Rock)
"Lord Intended" (featuring Justin Hawkins)
"Snoopies" (featuring David Byrne)
"Greyhounds" (featuring Usher)
"Sexy Bitch"  
"Drawn" (featuring Little Dragon)
"Whoodeeni" (featuring 2 Chainz)
"Nosed Up"  
"You Go Dave (A Goldblatt Presentation)"  
"Here In After" (featuring Damon Albarn)
"Exodus (Outro)"

Follow them Now:
Instagram: @delasolarvision

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