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Thursday, July 12, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

I always bring you whats everything hot from music to videos today I bring you a new trailer from hot adult star for all you #ThirstyThursdays twitter fans. This video is from my homie film director/actor and adult star "Maxine X" I would also like to send a big shout out to her hubby Scott who the both have been very supportive and great friends not just amazing business people.

I have knownMaxine for a while and watched her journey and very hoayy to see that she has made it to the big time with the adult industry now starring in "Brazzers" network films which is home to some of the biggest names the adult industry has got to offer from Ton Jeremy, Jenna Jammerson, Jeda Fire (Which she has made a DVD on her brand which she also co-stars) see "here" with. (If their big then they are on that network) also Max has a hot store in Windsor Canada "Maxines Playground" specializing in supplying everything for your intimate fantasy. (Even custom packages" for newlyweds, lovers or your one night flings so you can be satisfied yet safe!) How cool is that! 

I am proud of you Max for making your dreams come true I would post the Youtube videos from my channel but some hater got them flagged (assholes) but whatever the show must go on. People you can follow Ms Maxine X @maxinex_pornxxx @MaxineXRox @maxines_windsore

It's official the whistles been blown make sure you follow her she's a sweetheart down to earth and very business minded so no matter if your a model, adult dancer, inspiring pron star Maxine X is def the go to girl when it comes to how to get your brand noticed!


"Cool V"
Mr Official Whistle!

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