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Saturday, July 21, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

These days more & more my life relates to 2Pac the reason for me saying this is all that he's been threw also yet more importantly his heart and love for the people (family and community). He had a big heart and was sometimes too trusting of people.  He also wanted to represent everyone and that's too big of a burden no man/woman should carry because it eventually kills you.  Let's look at every great leader/person that shared that philosophy all ended up "DEAD' John Lenin, Micheal Jackson, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, Ghandi and the list goes on.

In a very candid interview below that was NOT televised (For Good Reason) he dropped some of the realest words I ever heard spoken. A act he commited every time he touched a microphone which made him a target because he spoke from the heart.  People say they love real people but most people who are real will be hated twice as much as a fake person because most people now-a-days are fake we like to live in fantasies and we are all fine pointing the finger but like Micheal Jackson says when we are asked to take a good look at the man or woman in the mirror we have issues.

Tupac was also tired of the politrix in the music industry and before his demise pursued a career in acting which he could easily define the line of real from fake. (See Below) I also relate to Pac because I have helped so many artists, models, businesses and in the entertainment industry it's become a gimmie gimmie gimmie field where time and true art is no longer appreciated yet its become cold and calculated.  (But That's Another Story) I will always love music but hate the business of it. We have gotten too cold and vindictive and realness has been thrown out the window instead replaced a sense of false identity which has been glorified and pushed to the forefront as a new way of life and the industry standard. Sell out and sell your soul is the new in well on that one like Pac they can count me out.

I will always have love for the music but the new rules suck however I am not trying to fight against the machine because life's too short and I have my own burdens to carry but anyway you my readers are smart and I ask you to watch the videos below and come up with your own conclusion. 2Pac was a brilliant man and artists and when we lost him we truly lost someone great!

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