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Thursday, July 12, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

I am noticing more in more just how ignorant, selfish and self entitled this generation truly has become.  Its so evident from Reality TV shows to the way we see people emulating this type of behavior in day to day life.  In short we have become sad and very dependent and ungrateful. Don't believe me just watch your twitter, instagram, Youtube, FB or any other social network page for a day and I promise you you get someone asking you to do something NOT even in the polite way either!

Even in relationships people are taken for granted its so bad common decency don't even exist don't believe me try holding the door for everyone you see today and I bet more than 1/2 will show you just how grateful they are when they pass right by you without a second glance like your the busboy/girl SMH well my buddy Wayne Royale wrote a Pretty dope story about it so I'll share now.

Are You Out Your Mind? A Look At The Collapse of Social Etiquette & the GIVE ME society!
By Wayne Berry, Jr.

It seems like in these times, people have adopted the mindset of demanding things in life. We have become a give me society where we boldly ask for things demanding them instead of giving incentives. I have noticed this in my day job to a lot of other services I perform in the entertainment industry. I understand that it may be a recession but still at the end of the day, don’t ask for things from other people that you would not be willing to do yourself. I know everyone is cutting back these days but realize that no one has to do anything for you except for be themselves, keep it real, & die.

I have experienced people who would come to my job asking for free upgrades, dealt with people who just because they were independent artists & figured just because I work in radio & host my own online radio show that I would just interview & play their music (free of charge), & etc. When I am working my day job I make commission off of the optional services so by offering those services free I lost out on my extra money & the company I work for takes a loss.

Now, when you go out to eat you can not go ordering their appetizers & smallest orders possible & expect their top menu item. Even when I’m promoting things on various social networks on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & etc I will get people telling me to promote them or sometimes will have the nerve to put up their music, artwork or whatever on my pages without my permission.  

We have went away from asking can we do something to I need you to do something for me. I have a friend who taught me it’s not about what you do but how you do it. I think the solution is that we need to get back to understand we as people will having an easier time getting things only if we ask people nicely, give incentives (even if you don’t have money then there is always trade & barter), & be careful in how we approach & talk to people.

There is a complete difference of reaction when you kindly ask for something versus when you demand something. The kindly asking approach such as “What can you do...” will get you more. Even if you go to business & you know there are set rules, it always that approach that will win people over. I went up to Northern VA for one week & often times I have left as early (as early as 3 to 4 am) to beat the DMV traffic up there. I called my hotel that I booked on Priceline & politely asked them if I could do an early check in. Not only did they comply with that but I got a nice room with a big bed & nice view.

That wasn’t the only situation where that worked, I had an insurance replacement rental through a rental car company. Upon arriving at that business, I might have been stuck with a Fiatt to drive around in (I’m not knocking Fiatts but they are small so if you are used to driving that car & don’t travel with other people then it may be cool). I had noticed that the car washer of that rental car company had finished cleaning a Dodge Avenger. I asked the rental agent if I would be able to drive that car while I had this rental for a few days and I got Avenger (it was a nice ride).
I think we can all recall experiences where people have been inclined to do things because of how you asked. You didn’t really think your neighbor has an legal obligation to lend you sugar? No matter of how you are feeling or what you are going through just remember people are human beings. No one person is required to do anything for you. The saying you can attract more bees with honey than vinegar is real talk. We as people just need to get back into doing just exactly that. So, whatever service you need just remember to treat those people working that business or just people in general with decency. I have a friend who always reminds me, “It’s not what you do! It’s how you do it!”


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