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Thursday, July 12, 2012


"What's Crack'n People"

I always bring you that new or slept on tunes "Stop Wasting My Time" (Black Coffee Mix) By Zakes Bantwini an artist coming from South Africa has been crazy slept on here in the US.  I have predicted that dance music is the NEXT BIG THING!  Just think every other form of music have been commercialized and it's the last form to break out. 

I have gave you the official "Cool V" prediction mark my words don't be surprised when you see your favorite hardcore rapper over a deep house beat it's happening already! Don't believe me? Ok here are just a few examples O.M.G - Usher, LMAFO feat Lil John - Shots and the list goes on from Jay Z, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and even T.I. ....Not convinced then please do your research to see what song T.I. sampled from Crystal Waters with his hit single "Why You Wanna"

I have been on the cutting edge of music making astounding predictions since 2Pac, Biggie, Jay  z, Nas, BlackMoon, to present day from Ciara, Sean Kingston, Mims, Richboy, Glasses Malone, Kanary Diamonds, Stevie Stone, Big Sean, Nipsey Hussle, Cory Guns, Flo-Rida etc... and have been blessed to have worked with them one time or another.  The facts still remain from my old The Real Peoples Choice myspace page (see old blogs) to TrunkHustlers to dozens of sites I worked with.  It's a fact within the next 2-3 years you'll see the transformation of House into the mainstream and Hip-Hop going back to it's roots.

Also check out his banger "Clap Your Hands" seen at the end of this video which I thought was dope!

Meanwhile follow this dope artist on twitter "HERE"

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"Cool V" 
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