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Saturday, August 29, 2009



If you ever found yourself on the crossroads of Reggae, Hip-Hop & R&B? Remember how you felt when you first heard the Fugees? In today's music there has been very little coming out that sustain substance however newcomer ATIBA has found the balance.

The phenomenon of reggae singers belling out such blunt, "in your face lyrics" over a sultry beat has been intimidating to the hip hop world for years, and with innovative, ground breaking artist such as ATIBA branding the new face of music, dancehall reggae is destined to be stronger than ever. Slip n Slide Records recording artist ATIBA is truly the new sound of "Dancehall" with a fusion of hip-hop reggae mix, breathing fresh air back into the reggae music scene. Born in Brooklyn, NY, and relocated with family to Jamaica at the age of 5, the young singer states that his father was extremely musically inclined and has vivid memories of music as an art form always being present in his childhood. ATIBA came back to the states at the age of 15, with a passion for music and firm background on what it takes to create that "star power essence, ATIBA and his family forged ahead made Orlando their home in search of a more constant and promising future in the music industry.

"My Father tried his hands in all sorts of occupations to support the family."
One of his greatest was creating a sound system called, "Love Vibration Disco," headed by DJ
Rudolf; it quickly became one of the top sound systems in Jamaica. He cut the first songs that Beenie Man had ever recorded and introduced him to the industry. Music was always around. Some of the greatest artists to come out of Jamaica were at my house on a constant basis. "ATIBA was involved in reggae dancehall music from a very young age, "I sang in a four part harmony group called "Fate" and then started a group with my sister Malica and friend Francisco, it was called, "Three The Hard Way" a year after that I was signed to super producer Rodney Jerkins record label Darkchild Records.

ATIBA quickly became a hot commodity among others in the industry and is noted for his works with R&B sensation Ray J on hit single entitled "If I Had One Wish". The inventive singer has also been featured in nationwide publications including Ozone
Magazine, and has performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, alongside Patti Labelle, Mary Mary, George Clinton, Be Be Winans and more.

ATIBA is hardly an unknown musical figure and is taking on new musical projects and marking new territory with plans to continue to leave his everlasting score in the footprints of great reggae musicians before him. Drawing inspiration from legendary
singers such as, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Sam Cooke and more, ATIBA is destined for quick success in the industry.

When asked about future plans ATIBA, meekly smiles and states that he plans to "make classic music, and push the culture forward."
ATIBA's upcoming album is definitely guaranteed to be classic, savored and cherished by all music fans.




Growing up, YANKEY BOY adopted and has continued to utilize a personal slogan in which he strongly believes in. This slogan reflects directly upon his Swagger and Sense of being. Yes this happens to be exactly who he really is! His motivational slogan is: "Too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated".

YANKEY BOY started playing steel pan music in “1995” with Arima Senior Comprehensive School Steel Orchestra where he excelled to become a three time Junior Steel band Music Festival Winner! YANKEY BOY also received a scholarship for reading and writing music at Trinidad University of The West Indies. YANKEY BOY then relocated to The United States of America in the year “2000” where he has then since called Brooklyn, N.Y. his new home!

He has a vision set on one goal and that is to become the best singer/songwriter that his culture has to offer. It was about three years ago, in “2005”, that YANKEY BOY decided on writing lyrics and performing, was a talent he always had in him that he wanted to put to paper. Given the opportunity he can generate BILLION$ with 1 hit after another!!! Hear him for yourself … PLEASE!!! Since beginning to write music …

YANKEY BOY has done numerous recordings with STUDIO 53 and PREMIERE STUDIO, working alongside artists like Khari Kill, Zeblon, I-Sasha, Jah Bami, Mr King & Mr Slaughter. Well known studios and artists in the Island of Trinidad whom are no stranger’s to Stardom.YANKEY BOY now records from his own studio; a studio he developed as a means and way to get his music and recordings out to all. YANKEY BOY calls his Studio…6 to 1 based on his area of Brooklyn, where he works alongside artists like Khari Kill.

YANKEY BOY got his name from the ghettos of Trinidad, where once he migrated to New York, his trips back home were all to donate time, money and effort into the well-being and upbringing of the ghettos he once called home. YANKEY BOY is a man that has a sense of humor, a sense of style and is willing to surpass all struggles and obstacles that stand in his way on the road to success! He is soon going to be forced to be reckoned with. Believing that there is nothing or no one that can stop him from achieving what he wants!

YANKEY BOY is willing to work harder than ever and dedicate more time than time itself has to offer in achieving the one thing that the bad mind and the negative aspects of life don't want to see him achieve … and that is SUCCESS!
YANKEY BOY is destined to excel over all negativity and aim to be the best in what he does, YANKEY BOY through his music is on a conclusive search and quest in: ”Finding the cure to bad mentality!!”

Bonus Video: Yankey Boy - Wami Liquor



Growing up in the tropical sunshine of Jamaica’s Montego Bay, this quartet had big dreams. Their days were brought to life with the Bay’s summer breezes carrying sun drenched melodies, and lyrics that captured their imaginations and ignited a common passion - the love of music. These four young men would begin an incredible journey that would take them from an island in the Caribbean to America where they signed to SRP [the people that discovered Rihanna].

It was at school in Mo’ Bay [as they call it] Oraine ‘Shabbz’ Stewart, brothers Byron ‘Mista Fyah’ and Dru Barwise and Andrew ‘Monsta’ Thompson met. They spent hours honing their singing skills and harmonising while at church and discovered that the sum of their four voices was greater than the individual parts.

Dru shares, “When I was young I fell in love with a battered red keyboard that my brother found. The sound from it was crackled, but luckily the keyboard at my church produced a perfect sound. I started singing at church and from then on music became my girlfriend”.

The boys grew up in musical families, spending time at church singing the gospel music that influenced their lives. However, on the flipside, the boys’ spent equally as much time listening to the dancehall riddims of artists like Elephant Man, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man and the soulful honey coated ballads of Brian McKnight, Luther Vandross and, most of all, Boyz II Men.

“Music has always been a part of my life. My father sang and played on the guitar when I was growing up. Then one day I turned on the radio and heard Boys II Men and that’s when I knew that I wanted to do music,” explains Monsta.

At every opportunity the band performed - at local shows, school, church on the street corner, anywhere where they were together. They became known as J-Status. “The name J-Status came from Dru”, explains Shabbz, “we wanted something to represent us as a group but also represented who we were. People of Jamaican Status are who we are – J-Status.”

However it wasn’t until the boys left the parish of St. James and headed for the promise of fame and fortune in the USA. They traveled through Philadelphia working with different producers and relentlessly gigging. Dismayed with the lack of promised recording deals, the band moved on and ended up in Port Chester, NY with a sack of failed productions and very light pockets.

A chance meeting soon proved to be their saving grace. They were introduced to the pastor at the Parkside Assembly of God Church. The church needed a band and J-Status needed jobs – this was kismet. They pitched in with everything to do with the church including being handymen! In return for this they received shelter and all the practice and instruments that they needed. “We were so relieved to have someplace to call home even if it was only the basement!” laughs Shabbz.

Things were on the up and J-Status were introduced to Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken at SRP Records who are best known for discovering and signing young R’n’B sensation Rihanna. “We needed a male verse on a Rihanna track called ‘Here I Go Again’, and the guys killed it!” recalls Rogers. The track became a firm favourite with fans across the world and featured on Rihanna’s multi-million selling album ‘Music of the Sun’.

J-Status have created an inimitable sound blending Reggae, RNB and Pop. It’s unmistakably addictive music, which immediately caught the attention of Rogers & Sturken in a big way. “There’s really no group in the market place like this” states Sturken. “We loved the idea of them having their own lane”. Rogers and Sturken were blown away with the boys and didn’t hesitate in signing them.

Their captivating new single ‘Pieces’ which has been lifted from their debut album, is ready to bring the Mo’ Bay heat to clubs and airwaves. Their own album project, which will be released later in the year includes an array of styles ranging from lovers rock reggae, to club bangers.


J-Status ft Shontelle - Pieces on Relationship Riddim


J-Status ft Rihanna - Roll It


J-Status’ music is a rollercoaster ride of positive vibes and high energy marking a new era in R’n’B reggae.

Twitter: madmax_ateam
PH: 917.378.1499
BB: 262731D4


Shalli is a sweet combination of sass and sophistication. She developed her musical talents by idolizing such soulful greats as Luther Vandross and Chaka Khan and today has developed her own unique style: passionate, infectious, soulful, real and full of life.

Shalli began honing her musical talents as early as age five in her church and school choirs. Born of Jamaican and Dominican descent, Shalli was destined to travel a musical path as her father - a musician for over 30 years - helped her to never forget her rhythm-rich heritage.

A lifelong self-assured leader, Shalli has showcased her positive energy and melodic skills throughout her worldwide travels at a number of electrifying performances at lounges, clubs, music festivals and hotels. Having garnered great success and overwhelmingly positive receptions, Shalli has enriched her poetic mastery by performing at both intimate gatherings and huge events across South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa for the past three years - even surviving the tsunami in Thailand during her tour!

Never one to put limits on her creative output or corner herself into the generic sound of modern day pop music, Shalli's global experiences have inspired her to incorporate an array of R&B, soul, reggae, hip-hop, dance, electronic and world music influences into her style.

Returning to North America to pursue recording and an expanded fan base, Shalli manages to do the seemingly impossible with her music. Somehow, it is both poetic and party jump-off material all at the same time. Shalli began expressing her personal feelings and worldly observations through poetry at age twelve. While her words have always remained deep and truthful, Shalli's music also highlights an exciting trip through bounce and rhythm. It is a journey that includes easily danceable grooves, warm basslines, funky beats and angelic harmonies. Shalli's sound is an innovative new approach to rhythm and blues music-making.

A shoe-in candidate for female role model of the future and subject of male infatuation everywhere, Shalli is as beautiful as she is talented. Shalli's music is bound to catapult a new career towards superstardom and capture a planet of music lovers who have been thirsting for a fresh burst of musical flavor for far too long.


All About Love

For drops,dubs or bookings email


ARTIST: Shalli
SONG: Shalli Sings/All About Love
DIR: David F. Mewa
LABEL: Planet Rock Records



Greg Morris - (Props to my T.O. Fams)


GHETTO SOUL RIDDIM (Please replace your older version with these newer files if you recieved this email from us before)

Download all songs at either one of the 2 links below:

Produced by Media House Production (Carlington Wilmot)

Founder of:

Songs mixed by D&H from France

1) Delus - 'True Love'
2) Gyptian - 'Crazy World'
3) Sizzla - 'Best In Life'
4) Shalli - 'In Heaven'
5) D'Angel ft.Aisha - 'Thank You'


Download all 17 Tracks at the following link below:


Produced by Upsetta Sound

Track Listing:

1. If Me Never Run - Admiral Tibet
2. Learn A Lot - Purity
3. Rastafari Way - Ras Q
4. Like Rain - Zico featuring Greta Frost
5. Mix Up - Kyah Omega
6. Know Better - Greta Frost
7. Dredda - Ras Iba
8. Injustice - Potenkle I
9. Dead Weight (Raw) - Smoke & Aqua
10. Dead Weight (Radio Edit) - Smoke & Aqua
11. Love Song - DayInJah
12. Shalli Sings (Raw) - Shalli
13. Shalli Sings (Radio Edit) - Shalli
14. Cool Now - Universal Speakers
15. I Had A Dream (Come Around Remix) - Determine

Bonus Tracks:

16. Dub Like Rain - Zico & Greta Frost
17. Cuss Fix Version - Upsetta Sound



Ayana John is the latest talent to emerge from the island of Barbados. Ayana's versatility, wide range of vocal styles and immense vocal range have mesmerised audiences not only in Barbados but as far afield as Cannes, France at the 2009 MIDEM music trade show. 2009 marks the year that the 22-year old songstress, experienced model and actress will stamp her brand of “Reggae Soul” upon the face of the International music industry.

Download her 2 singles and edits at the following link below:


Label: Hit Island Records Inc.

For drops,dubs or any inquiries about Ayana email


Jamaica's upcoming singing/dancehall sensation Tifa’s interest in music developed from a very young age, listening to musical legends such as Earth Wind and Fire, Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin. Growing up with her stepfather, Sampalue, the reggae producer who assisted in the building of several music careers like Lady Saw, gave her a deep-rooted love for dancehall music. While attending Wolmers Preparatory, Tifa was actively involved in the School Choir, Drama Club and Wolmers Dance Troupe. As recognition for her choreography talents grew, so did her passion for singing and songwriting.

In early 2005, she decided to put her music first, recording on her stepfather's record label Diamond Rush Records. She also collaborated with a number of his artists as well as others and sang backup for a short while. Tifa has since teamed with most producers in the Jamaica music fraternity. Tifa has been working really hard in the studio to produce highly talked about singles such as "Kitty Police" for TJ Records on the Show off Riddim. More recently, she has had great success with her single "Crawny Gal" on the Dem Gal Sitt'n Riddim, produced by Ward 21, the compilation cd was released to rave reviews in Japan where it was released and worldwide; "Bottom of the Barrel", and most recently, the critically acclaimed “Spell it Out,” a hard-hitting dancehall single, also produced by Ward 21; “Tick it Like a Clock” on Stephen McGregor’s Boasty Riddim; and “God Blessed,” produced by Equiknoxx Music, which is a dancehall ballad revealing Tifa’s versatility not only as a DJ but also as a singer. Tifa has also released the joint effort mix CD entitled “TNT – 3 The Hard Way” with labelmates Natalie Storm and Timber-Lee Heaven, produced by New York ‘s famed DJ Max Glazer and The Federation Sound, which was dubbed “the maddest mix CD ever.”

In 2008, Tifa did an extensive tour of Europe with her labelmates and mentors Ward 21, which was very successful, from which she became the first female reggae/dancehall artist to perform in the Czech Republic. At the present time, Tifa has been busy spreading her infectious rhymes and captivating performances in the Caribbean and North America. Tifa presently is working on her first and upcoming album entitled "Sex, Love & Lies," which hopefully will have an international release. With a strong and experienced management team behind her, headed by Otis Davis, with assistance from Ward 21 and Naomi Garrick, Tifa is set to make her way to the top.

Tifa is one of the hottest female dancehall artists out today with songs like Crawny Gal, Bottom of the Barrel, Spell It Out, Tick It Like A Clock, and God Bless. Here is her latest video for "Bottom of the Barrel" which is her single on the Christopher Birch produced Estrogen Riddim. You can also download Tifa song "Crawny Gyal" on the Dem Gyal Sittn' Riddim alongside some of the other female dancehall artists Timberlee, Stacious, Natalie Storm, D'Angel, Cecile, Ms. Thing, Macka Diamond, and Spice. The riddim is produced by Ward 21.


Bottom of the Barrel
Ward 21 Productions
Dir. Dexter 3D Pottinger


Part 1:Tifa, Timberlee, Stacious, Natalie Storm, D'Angel,
Part 2: Cecile, Ms. Thing, Macka Diamond, and Spice.
Ward 21 Productions
Dir. Dexter 3D Pottinger

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