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Friday, July 27, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

Whadup!  I'm here to inform you about a hot new artist named "Viktor Strange" & trust me his name suits him well.  The 1st impression you will get is man this guy reminds me of "Nine" or "Rock" from the group "Helter Skelter" (Only true Hip-Hop Fans will those names ring a bell #RealTalk) but back to the story this kid is dope!

With his odd deep voice, crafty punch lines and his rough but smooth flow he is sure to captivate your ears and get those earcrack taste buds rollin!  I personally enjoy his crazy but odd delivery and funny facial expressions Vik is very entertaining to listen to you can almost paint pictures with his lyrics(Funny or strange ones). Then you see him rhyme visually he has a star quality with a great artist persona in his videos just watch one of them and you'll see just (WDF) what I'm talking about!

What I also love about Vik Strange is he is NOT trying to be no one else but himself in all he does Vik is very comfortable in his own skin and proves this with his flow which by the way he does it with ease. Big shout out to my #TRN/TEAM32 fam "DJ Eaazzee" for putting me on to this cat. The video and audio freestyles says enough if your not convinced then I don't know what to say ....Enjoy!

Follow Him:
Twitter: @StrangeLic

Its Official You Just Heard The Whistle!

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