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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Whats Crack'n People!

Like NIKE says in one of  their most famous branding campaigns "Just Do It" everyday I hear and see people in real life or on these social networks complaining about who's stopping them and why they can't do this or that.  Life was designed NOT to be easy but designed for you to learn a bunch of lessons to build you into a better person. (Real Talk)  Tough lessons that are suppose to build strength, wisdom, compassion, love all those great things that comprise a persons personality. (Good Or Bad)  Struggle brings out and enhances your inner true character. For example:  if your a good person it will be a good life lesson and from lemons you'll make lemonade and be grateful of the valuable lesson learned.  However if your a jerk struggle like drugs will bring out the worst in you and  will reveal  just how weak you truly are! Fact: A weak mind is influenced negatively in struggle while a strong mind takes a positive turn and will use that moment and making it a key turning point and will usually make a life altering change to the way they see life and let it mold them defining a true champion.

No one said life would be easy and I have never seen anyone great have a easy life either.  I noticed one key fact and that is that great people from the past Mandela, Christopher Reeves,  Martin Luther, Micheal Jackson,  Ghandi, John Kennedy all the way to to present day (Obama) etc. all had one thing in common "Struggle"  they all have faced extreme hardships and huge obstacles on their journey for greatness for much is given....Much is required.  Even all the great spiritual leaders also had the same journey.  People these are the stories that define greatness and inspire from the most recent brought to major films "Red Tails" to all stories of triumph which gave us some of the best action films of all time 300, Rocky, Lord Of The Rings etc to more recent films such as "The Avengers", "The Hunger Games", "John Carter" to the most recent and my favorite "The Amazing Spiderman" 

All these films have one thing in common they had to face some serious conflict but didn't give up and stayed the course until their mission was complete and each of them had to make a sacrifice for what they believed in.  The moral to  the story and the real objective of this article is to motivate you and to ask you to dig deeper and find the courage to face whatever type of obstacles your facing that's prohibiting you from achieving your goal and find a way no matter what your facing I know one thing is true where there is a will there is a way and it may not be 100% what you expect to see or how you would wish for it to turn out but know this success is defined by giving it your all and in the end good or bad you know you tried your best and made a difference. So in the words of one of my favorite Outcasts songs "Go Get Up Get Out & Do Something!"

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