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Monday, June 25, 2012



Good Morning to all Nas said it best we have to STOP being zombies and instead lead OURSELVES & stop waiting for someone to do it for us 1st! Everyone now-a-days don't want to work for nothing and I feel we have sometimes even forgotten the struggle from which we came.

My mother use to tell me to stand for something and that meant something to me. Hell there is even a saying that used to go with that " If You Stand For NOTHING you'll fall for ANYTHING!" SO i URGE EVERYONE TO STAND TALL not BECAUSE OF A DAMN FACEBOOK POST BUT BECAUSE GOD CREATED US ALL FOR A PURPOSE! The problem is most of us are selfish and have forgotten that we was designed for 'HIS" plan not ours! #Message ( Not trying to preach but hopefully reach & teach!)

In short if you see injustice (NO-MATTER the Color/Creed) take a stand and if there is a need for a leader ...Then lead dammit if there is NOT an opportunity .....CREATE ONE dammit and stop complaining people it gets NO-WHERE

"HAVE A GREAT WEEK PEOPLE~" ~Cool V~ Shout out to "Vanessa Marie" who inspired this post as a response to a facebook post.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Attention to all my models in the "A" my boy famed photographer Cuemadi will be doing shots on behalf of #DOND  = Divas On Deck where there is a special for 2 professional shoots with 2 edits for ONLY $100.00 please check his work "AMAZING' and worth wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than this deal he shot the above listed photo!   

He's amazing just check out some of the shots above make sure you follow him on twitter


What's Crack'n People!

If your good at something do not let people take your talent, kindness or TIME for granted In short if people love or value YOU your product goods or services they will pay for it or support you but remember when it comes to support that's a two way street.  Have a great  "Thankful Thursday"


What's Crack'n People!

I know most of you remember this UK artist who 1st dropped on the scene a couple of months ago with her banger "Polaroid" which I have been banging and introduced you all to from the RW Record Pool's website (Which is no longer up SMH but see here (For the proof) few months ago anywho, I have been watching and waiting for her next banger which she dropped a fun home video of her remaking "Salt & Pepa's" song "Shoop" where she remixes Aviciihit song Levels sample "Somethings I get A Good Feeling" taken from the original tune the late great "Etta James" - "Somethings Got A Hold On Me".

This video is fun and it's a home video so the levels are not leveled but you can hear she has talent and she kills it with her Left eye freesyle spit on this track then brings it home with her ever so soft, smooth but soulful voice. She has a fun personality and star quality I can't wait for others to see just how talented she is! I mos def wish and got my fingers crossed for this artist you go "Vali" your mos def slept on!

I still say her label Rostum made a boo boo (huge mistake) by NOT releasing Polaroids (the song below) instrumental and accapella tracks to us DJ/Record pools BDS is BDS because soooooo many want and needs this and alot of us have been going frantic looking everywhere for the single "Polaroid's"instrumental Vali if you see this seen me that joint asap also I got some drop scripts for you! Boom I blew the official whistle on this a minute ago!

Copyright Rostrum Records 2012
Directed by Davy Duhamel
Song Produced by Sap
Song Mixed by E. Dan at ID Labs, Pittsburgh, PA

Checkout Vali Online:


What's Crak'n People! 

Nassir Jones a.k.a Nas returns with hot track dedicated to his daughter "Destiny Jones" a track dedicated to how single fathers and players feel after having a daughter (Karma) it's real deep and hits home the production is solid track produced by credit "NO-ID" this is a certified and "Cool V" approved BANGER!! This is definitely earcrack. Taken off his upcoming alum project entitled "Life Is Good" due to drop this summer off of Def Jam Island.  All copyrights © 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Follow Nas: 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Follow This #DOND Model "B Ray" Below:  For interviews contact


2 different songs butI have to go with my boy Nas but that's my opinion remember I am all about lyrics and originality not just swag. It's the total package delivery and wits although I likes 2Chains as well but Nas just brought the track home for me but screw my thoughts what do you think?


What's Crack'n People,

Now I know it's been a minute since I left you guys with some "REALTALK" but the way things are going now-a-days I felt the need to drop my two-cents today. This generation has turned to a hoe festival and whats more crazy is that glamorize it and think it's cute to be a hoe now-a-days (SMH). Dig it, I remember back in the days when if a dude heard a chick had the whole football team we was like that was a hoe or a walking STD and was turned off. now-a-days its glamorized hell just look at how the media promotes cats from chasing no-talent reality stars to chasing porn stars. This is even common in the circle of some people we know  as well who chase people who we know or heard did damn near everyone else we know!  

How common is this? This goes for both sexes and I am NOT mad at anyone for getting their freak on but dammit have some class!  When did it become cool to f@ck the whole football team then go brag about it?  Well people are getting famous because of this don't believe me  just ask Superhead, Kim Kardashian and a ton of other Video vixens just how did they get famous? This trait is also common in Singers and Athlete's and other famous people. 

This is sad people I remember a time growing up when you called a girl a B@tch those was instant fighting words now-a-days some girls wear it as trophies (Not My Real Women).  Just like some dudes think its cool to impregnate about 10's of women and leave them for us the tax payers to take care of em and whats even more sad is some women are now making other men responsible for  ruthless movements by doing scandelous acts as having babies by one dude and blaming another just because that guys a nice guy! (Sick ..& U Wonder Y They Call U A Bitch? SMH

 These days morals , respect and loyalty have all went to the curb leaves me with the question....  People Whats Really Good? Where have we fallen to and to sum it up so this is the result of the crack baby generation all grown up huh?  I'll leave that for you to ponder people have a great weekend and remember safe sex but more important love yourself having a million partners will NOT fulfill you it will just confuse you and now you are stuck carrying the luggage of all those partners and all those people they had sex with! ....True Story!



What's Crack'n Young World!

Yup ya boy is back I told you about this cat a minute ago and what most people don't recognize is its a gang of em that's why the movement is so powerful.because he comes deep and when you book ASAP you book "His Entire Crew" which is deep and have been ripping shows across the globe and making some major moves.  This MC comes from Harlem NY from a independent label A$AP Worldwide.they describe their brand as "F*ck The Money, F*ck The Fame, this is real insight to my trill life well he's back with another banger "Goldie" I have to give him he has a unique style about himself no matter the content of his music you can't deny he has style.  But Hip-Hop has always has a dark side and most people are drawn to that excitement.  Lets be honest that's why we loved 2-Pac, Biggie, Pun & Wu Tang he's no different just this generations version.

What I like about this artists is attitude to do whats real to him and being true to his self that's why we are attracted to Wiz Khalifah, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean etc... It's all about bringing something new and different to the table and these artists have done it.  Rocky returns with new hit "Goldlie" see video below give me feedback!


What's Crack'n People!

know when I introduce you to some new heat its mos def official!  Well about 2 years ago I told you about this hot spitter from UK called "Mz Brat" then a few months latter I told you about "Lady Leshurr" but I am not how many of you where listening. So here we are a year and 1/2 later and this UK lil mama goes hard!!!!! 

I haven't heard a female MC get it in like this in a minute and its refreshing whats crazy is I'm noticing there is more heat coming from females in the UK and US (in the underground circuits) than some of the men in the mainstream these days! (Sorry My Opinion deal with it!)  However it is refreshing when I see & hear hot female artists who can entertain me as well as drops some seriously dope lyrics. 

Now what gives me the right to say this or give my opinion well I have been listening to female Hip-Hop artists since Sparky D and when Angie Stone used to spit (Do Your Research so that makes me a bonifide Hip-Hop junkie)   well back to Ms Leshurr this female artist is doipe not only can she spit fast and has crazy personality but comes across humble yet relatable. After hearing her track "Lego" which I must admit the production is crazy!!! (Great job) she is one artist "Cool V" been predicting but now-a-days it all relays on the marketing if they brand her right she will be one of the next best if not she will remain a UK favorite and US unheard meaning only heard by few!   But since her debut a few years ago her name has been buzzing hard in the states capturing the hearts of Busta Ryhmes, Slaughterhouse, Jadakiss and a ton of DJ's including DJ Whoo Kid who hosts her new mixtape 2000 & L (see below) so needless to say this lil mama is going places. You can also catch her on my new mixtape "Womans World" it's going down!

Follow Lady Leshurr on Twitter:
Check her official website here:


What's Crack'n People!

I told yaw about this UK singer "Katy B" aka (Katie Brien) a minute ago when she dropped on the since 2 years ago with a bang from the UK club scene in South London under the name "Baby Katy" introduced by "DJ NG" on a track called "Tell Me" and blew up all across the globe on the club dance circut. 

This London native has been traveling the globe ever since and after making a smash debut in NYC last year she has been on the road ever since!  Katy returns with "Movement" a Dance/Pop hit that will surely get you moving. After I heard it pre-released on a UK dance mixtape I was stuck on the groove also how real dance music has finally been accepted by the mainstream.

I was 1st struck by the hot production of this tune like most on her debut album but her soulful/club voice immediately drives you into the beat even further. She hasn't hit the US as big as she should have (My Opinion) she is way too slept on and there hasn't been a singer like this since "Josh Stone" that has impressed me this fast but trust me she's young and has a lot more hits in her make sure you stay tuned to this artist "Cool V" predicts "Katy B" will become a household name! 

This dance/pop dance hit also proves my music predictions of the integration of house music was becoming infused with Pop, Hip-Hop & R&B was right.
Which I felt was the next natural progression of music anyway because it has went everywhere else, but back to Katy this Londonite has a lot in store make sure you follow her I been sold she she dropped "Lights On" trust me the Official Whistle has been blown.

Support Katy B

Chris Brown Drops New ReBanger Feat Snoop & 2 Chains

Chris Brown drops another banger this time feat Mr South Swag 2Chains & The king of the West Coast Snoop Dogg. This is a re-release but still I like it got it in the mail earlier this week I think it was smart for him to add 2Chains in the mix how can you go wrong with that one?  I know I know some of you are tired of Chris Brown but honestly how can you get mad at him for being on his grind and producing good music. This boy is ultra talented and damn near does it all I'm waiting for the Chris Brown reality show on MTV or BET maybe when Rihanna's hype wears down we will see it.  Another artist whom I think is talented as well but a just lil over rated (My Opinion). people what do you think give me your feedback!

I can't wait for this young man to hit full stride and go back to making epic videos like Micheal Jackson because say what you will I haven't seen another artist come close to dancing as good as MJ (Which by the way is unreplacable there is only one MJ Thank You!) So tired of cats always trying to compare our greats to newcomers you can not replace the originator of a sound or style with a duplicator! #REALTALK

So you've heard the whistle ...It's Official give me feedback

Monday, June 4, 2012


Good Morning: I know I know I haven't left you with a Marketing Tip for today so here goes: Target branding what do I mean by this I mean hitting your consumers "dead on"   but know this that this is NOT will not be an an easy task and will take a little work. I suggest you start by making & taking surveys regarding your brand. I also suggest hitting the streets and getting some genuine responses It's always best to ask NON friends or family for real responses these people will be honest and give you the best feedback. Also when taking a survey ask those people that care about your product for example you wouldn't ask ask a retired worker about youth services or spring break? ..Would you?

  So do a little research in which you can use any of the many social mediums out for example:  twitter, facebook, linkedin etc to do this I personally suggest you use them all because each one has its own unique  market base.  The key to getting the best results is maximizing all avenues of potential client base from online to using everything around you from your job to your social life ask those people you know may have a interest of your brand even those who don't sometimes because you can get some valuable info from some of those people too but do NOT concentrate on them your consumer base is the MAIN concern.  So I hope this lil nugget helps you on whatever field or journey you embark upon.   With that said have a fantastic day you heard the whistle official!!

You heard the whistle so you know its official have a great day! 
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