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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Whats Crack'n Peoples!

1st I have to say this is not a "DISS" blog but a blog to put things in proper perspective. Recently there have been some stupid comparisons that should not ever been thought of or taken place. I makes me sick when people try to compare "Rick Ross" to the legendary "Biggie Smalls"(See Lil Cease Cmon son and how you diss Kim like that!) or Lil Kim to a Nicki Manaj. How dare Drake compare and disrespect "Lil Kim" a woman with platnum albums who paved the way for nicki people these are not just MC's but these are Hip Hop "LEGENDS" your talking about. (They Can't Be Duplicated) It was more than what they did in the booth that made them special it was also how they came to be their story, their struggle and how they became trail blazers in the music/fashion industry. People please tell me how in the hell your gonna compare someone who got their style from that original person. That's like "Lebron James" trying to compare himself to "Jordan" or "Floyd Mayweather" trying to compare himself to "Mohammad Ali". (Cmon Son!)

Hell even one of the greatest performers of all time trembled in the presence of greatness as Micheal Jackson did when he met his idol James Brown as Usher did to Micheal. It's crazy how in Hip Hop how this is different how the pioneers are being so disrespected yet when they speak on it cats wanna say they bitter (WDF!) No they just speaking up! I understand Hip Hop has had and still have a attitude but Come on people we are taking things a lil to far these days1! From Lil wayne telling the DJ's "F@ck em!" to Lupe Fiasco doing a tribute and messing up the words and when confronted replies "I never listened to their lyrics" WOW "NEGRO YOUR WHOLE STYLE IS BASED OFF OF TRIBE WDF U TALKING BOUT!" That's that arrogant and cocky sh@t I'm talking about and that's why I haven't listened to him the same way and many other haven't since!

I feel we are letting too much BS slide these days from Plies talking bout how much a goon he is and people still supporting him even after Jamie Fox exposed him (see here) after his run in with 40 Glocc last year! Then these fools got the nerve to say "Keep it Real" keep it real what? ....Real fake? I love evolution but these days everything is processed from the fake boobs & asses to the fake stories these artists try to sell us. What ever happened to being proud of who you truly are? I missed that memo when did that NOT become GOOD enough?

Now I been listening to Rick Ross for a long time even back when his name was "Teflon Don" do your research peoples! His look and sound was NOT what you hear now. On another note I also been a Nicki Fan from back in the days (When she was Nicki BBD *BEFORE BARBIE DAYS*)when she rocked with "Fendi" (Shouts King) who she pretty much owes her blow-up too which I rarely hear her mention. When he exposed her to the world on "THE COME UP" DVD who she used to shout out but not so much these days. Today MC's are truly letting egos run get out of hand. Mental note am I high and is it just me or did Nicki take a look at "Crush On You Video" and developed her whole style!(see blog below) "THAT'S LIL KIM'S ENTIRE STYLE!" Sorry Nicki you even bit the Barbie thing from KIM! (See The Jump Off Cheeks Feat Lil Kim VERSE BELOW)

[Verse 1: Lil' Kim (Mr. Cheeks)]
I been gone for a minute now I'm back at the jump off (Jump off)
Goons in the club in case somethin jumps off
And back up before the hive let the pump off
In the graveyard is where you get dumped off
All we wanna do is party (Woo!)
And buy everybody at the bar Bacardi (Woo!)
Black Barbie dressed in Bvlgari
I'm trying to leave in somebody's Ferrari (Nuff Said)

Correct me if I'm Wrong wasn't that song out before Nicki Even got started in this business? Hymmmmm

Now as for Rick Ross who used to go by the name "Teflon Da Don" earlier in his career his look nor sound differed from what it is today. However Rick has branded his own style of rhyme but his look minus the bread and glasses is still "Biggie"! But the one thing I give Rick credit for is that Rick has stayed in his own lane. That's why he never went on the chopping block like Nicki did. Rick never stated nor disrespected Biggie but as for Nicki I truly think something is wrong with her that's why my homie "Keys" put her in her place earlier this year and why so many other femcess is checking her these days. The swag her and Drake is doing these days is reckless and I know Drake he's my dude from my Canada from my T.O. days (Shouts to Draggs & The Lair Studios)What are you doing dog? You better pray your boss "Lil Wayne" NEVER Unleash "Cory Gunz" or your done because you are NOOOOOOO comparison to that beast ( On your best day!). I like and know Drake but have to admit he is NOTHING like the Drake I used to know the Cockyness and arrogance has changed his swag and this disrespecful behavior & rudeness seems to be in style these days! What these artists seem to forget is that you only get 5 minutes of fame and once your run is over you got to go back to those same people. So until you have created a catalog like the artists you diss be careful. Hell look at 50 Cent how he came in and Karma's a bitch how he got Jaruled himself.

I say all that to say this let's STOP comparing people who got their style or swag to the originators of that style also artist give credit and pay homage to those that paved the way for you to do what you do period!!!

"Blows The Whistle On That!!!"

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

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