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Monday, June 28, 2010


What's Crack'n People!

1st I'd like to say once again "Thank You" Aaron for being ahead of the curve and creating that Boondocks episode that just shed light on a subject we all know but still ignore. It's not about a Black or White thing that's what the industry perpetuates and what they want us to believe its a reprogram thing. That's what this great nation have been doing for years. Why? Because an educated consumer is a "SMART CONSUMER"! It's a shame we buy into it every time BET or MTV (Or any station) says something like: Your fat if your over 110 pounds! We buy into it just about every woman will try to kill herself to make herself become that weight! Another example would be (Crazy But True) If a commercial said New studies show that you need 3 phones to communicate most consumers would kill ourselves trying to get those three phones before they even ask the question who did the survey or study and why? You get the point? Now your probably saying ok we know this but why do I think BET is exploiting us? Well it's simple because they are!! If you just pay attention to programming these days it's self explanatory you don't see educated kids watching BET (sad but true) they watch the Discovery Channel or CNN (But that's another story within itself lol)

People I ask again can you "Please" inform me of the educational shows this channel produces? Also inform me about what movements if any have they started which truly give back to the black community? Ever time there was a educated brother or sister or otherwise who had a show on BET it lasted for no longer than 3 seconds and *poof* it was gone! Brother Jeff, Teen Summit hell the news was taken off "THE BLACK NEWS PEOPLE!!!!!!" So what does that leave you with? The answer is reality shows, video shows and comedies.(Man that's gonna help us grow! (SMH) What's funny is even the only surreal show they had that was halfway real was one exploiting our Drug lords which glorified it rather than showing the true tragedies of these people and why you DON'T want to go down this path. The examples showed how they acquired amazing amounts of cash or how they had this many famous friends. This was the message most of this generation paid attention and came to the conclusion that the successes far out weighed the bad. It also showed our teens what mistakes these kingpins made so that they could try to avoid them.

Now I ask once more what value do this channel bring to the table besides promoting new music or sports? The only time BET is interested in something is when they can make a profit off of it. It's like last night when we seen the award show but did you notice one thing Note: Teddy Pendergrass just died where was his tribute? What about Roger Troutmans the man truly responsible for the sound of today's music? Hymm I smell BS!!! How about when your gonna pay homage to an artist and give a tribute please get a artist who can at lease capture the essence of that artist! The look on Prince face priceless!!!! However Alicia Keys did a great job so did Patti (Thanks for bringing it home ladies) Now if that wasn't bad enough did you notice the emphasis on John Legends humanitarian award was short no info on supporting his cause also why did give the teacher a 60 second slot? Her section was faster than a Taco Bell drive threw and only 10 thousand dollars? that's NOT even 1/4th of the cost of a BET ad! Cmon son (like Ed Lover would say!) But it's because we support and endorse BS is why this cycle continues. We have become a generation of buffoonery (See Tyler Perry) if we are so concerned about our kids future we have gots to do a better job investing in it.

The solution is demand better programming stop supporting BS and more importantly watch what you support and co-sign if everyone jumped off a bridge would you? If your answer was No....Then why are we doing this NOW peoples!!

Stay strong educated not and informed
NOT programmed its our job for TV to be catered to us NOT the other way around otherwise who's watching who? Think about it! Be blessed and remember ignorance has NOT a color racism does so stop blaming TV OR OTHER PEOPLE GOD has given us the power over our own minds and limbs. Let's stop supporting or feeding into perpetuous cycles that keeps us grounded because we all where made to fly!

"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brav-the-hell-O!!! My sentiments exactly!! I pegged it a display of coonery, buffoonery & cartoonery...

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