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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Are you an inspiring artist with great work but having a hard time getting your art seen? Well let us give you a beautiful platform in a HOT "Avant Garde" new upscale retail store in a high traffic location in downtown Toronto. We are looking for hot new designers who have a hot brand but may not have a huge operation but may have small quantities but would like to get their product/brand in a retail location. It's not only great to "Think Outside the BOX... but now its also time to "Think Inside it!" Artists let us showcase your work on our walls and auction to the highest bidder. Designers let us showcase your hot brand on our shelves we are only interested in consignment only because we are a new location however we don't mind paper-work for your protection integrity is everything with "The BOX " Our store is much more than your typical retail location it will also be a art exhibit showcasing the best and the brightest from designers and artists from across the globe.

If interested please forward us some samples of your work along with a one-sheet or resume to get us more familiar with your & your brand to hurry space is limited and we are scheduling art for each quarter also since we are not a large location shelves will fill quickly. We are only interested in consignment Only! So if this does NOT interest you please Do-NOT apply!

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