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Saturday, June 26, 2010

COOL V PRESENTS - GENERATION BITCH (Is This Whats Really Good *said Like Stinkmeanor*)

What's Crack'n Peoples!

I never thought I would be the one complaining about the future or anyone in general because that's NEVER been my style those that truly know me know that I'm a upbeat positive cat who is full of energy and loves life and to have fun. Now as of lately I have been seeing some real Bitchassness going on that we as a whole have been co-signing. Cats wearing spandex with nipple rings dancing like girls (Stankyleg) also niggas crying every minute like they took hormone pills for no reason.

I even had a conversation with a homies complaining about the opposite sex about relationships yet the only thing they are interested in is the sex or what type of car he/she drives and not what they can do for each other but what can he/she do for me! Last time I checked relationships was a two way street who the hell posted all these one way signs? ( I didn't get that memo) Also If you think this is just regarding peoples personal life "THINK AGAIN") These actions have transcended into the way we do business. I thought business was an exchange of goods or services when did business become "What Can You Do For Me?" NOT "What Can We Do For Each Other" we have also gained a whole lot of cold hearted individuals who are lashing their fury on unexpected people because of a past relationship now EVERY MAN/WOMAN has to feel the wrath of Mr or Misses Asshole!

I say shame on you because if you judge everyone on the same scale you get what you deserve treat others how you want to be treated simple and plain also If someones a ass move on!!!!!!! I am so sick and tired of hearing men and women complaining about some BS if you know that persons no good move on! It has also become a generation of disloyalty, unfaithfulness, unrealness and just straight once again bitchassness How is a parent gonna be jealous of his/her own daughter or son "GROW THE F@CK UP PEOPLE!" Also ladies all men are NOT created dogs that process is made the same goes for you men. If you look to sniff ass you get ass period! Most of us have this moses complex Imma change him or her If they show you their true colors and its in the red "MOVE ON!" Life's to short to except bullshit fake friends disloyal family members etc..

How many people have you heard get burned by their family or peers and be like but that's my blood or I've known him or her for 15 or whatever amount of years? Well my theory is my family is those that love me & care about my well being and NO sometimes blood ain't thicker than water! (Notice the word sometimes) Also what's with this generation where we have become racist & sexist don't believe me just listen to people talk for a day and you'll be surprised what you hear if you truly listen. GOD created us all EQUAL their is no bad race just bad people period take a lesson in history because the facts don't lie haven't we learned from slavery or the holocaust or from examples like Ghandi, Martin Luther King (Since everyone loves that example) Malcolm X ETC... What most people don't realize is in the end they all shared something in common and that is that "PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE!" ( Besides when was the last time you seen infants being racists that's a LEARNED process!)

People we have lost our way I think that part of that reason is we are trying to over compensate sometimes for what we didn't have when we where kids. Also television has played a big part of this whole phenomenon as well. For example WDF talent do Kim Kardasian or Tila Tequila have that is worthy of a TV show also the Stallions (Don't care about the botty boys names) or I love New York (Tiffany) I can see a hood rat at any corner store. Man tell me peoples I missed that memo but it's crazy how some people are still following these trends and actually finding these idiots entertaining. (WDF?)

Any-who that's my two cents give me yours below & let me know If you Think that this a Bitch ass generation or what? Let me know!

Brought To You By Your Friendly Neighborhood Hustler!
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

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