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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What's Crack'n Peoples!

"Attention Artists!"

No Budgets for Services

I have heard you complain about paying a dee jay $20 to $50 to help push your record well guess what?   Your low budget / non budget time is Officially up, The Industry is Officially fighting back! "YOU'RE DONE!"   

You will kiss the ground that the old DJ, Publicist, Promoter, and / or Marketer, who gave you the chance, yet you missed all because you didn't want to do a drop sum cash to pay for their services to Brand “YOUR” Project, Image, etc.. (that article, radio show, or whatever platform that they gave you in the first place.)   

Well ... NO MORE!!  Time is Money, at the end of the day, no one owes anyone anything, This has always been “MUSIC BUSINESS”!   The Industry professionals are fed up with the disrespectful attitudes and neglect and now saying basically FORGET the independents!  Now this trend seems to be growing across the board but was actually created for Urban music due to the way we have been conducting our business as of lately.

Who Broke Your Record!

When did you, artists get the nerve to charge DJ's or radio stations for promotional visits after they broke your record? ( I missed that memo but you'll pay Viacom Thousands who will play your sh@# only once, shame on YOU!!) This is just one of the reasons why most independent artists are NOT receiving support these days.  

Another reason is the lack of respect coming from some artists these days. Overcharging dj’s who help broke them, refusing interviews some have even gotten so bold that they excuse my french are even using the F word to the Dj's. (Fuck All Mixtape DJ's “SMH”!!!) Then to add insult on injury not wanting to give drops or showing up to interviews high as hell and not even promoting the same show their gonna be on.

The “Music Business” Rights!

The industry is getting fed up this will NO LONGER BE TOLERATED!  Now for all of you that think this is a joke READ: "Copyright Royalty Board Releases Decision – Rates are Going Up Significantly".   Now if that didn't wake you up dig this Howard Stern & David Letterman buys labels see David Letterman starts record label, signs pop-punk band & Ellen DeGeneres Starts Record Label for Greyson Chance and this is becoming a “TREND”.  

Now what does that means for you the independent why would “I”, if im a corporate Brand invest in YOU, and you only have 50+ myspace or twitter followers when I can invest in a household name who has millions of fans? THINK PEOPLE WOULD YOU?  

Hmmmmmmm... see GOD don't like ugly and just when we get full of ourselves he administers a good old fashion reminder that basically says I built you up!  I can tear you down so don't forget where you came from! (Worst Year Award)   You have got to do better!   Its not how much you have, but the effort you put out!

Respect & represntation of your Brand

Let's 1st start by respecting the people around you that help you on the daily,  start by respecting those you need to help break your record by showing them support!  2nd DO NOT come sideways or like idiots telling them you're the flyest thing since slice bread, when no one outside your block or city has ever heard of you!  ( Ex:  Micheal Jackson & Prince who are world-wide icons,  Continue to promote their brand’s! )  3rd less is more!!! Let your work do the talking (Stop Overdoing the swag shit!!!!!  Confidence is great but action speak louder than words.) trust, take it from an industry vet, we can smell an imposter miles away. 4th point is “RESPECT”  his/her time start by properly introducing yourself, remember you are in the ”Music Business”  

Inquiry EX (With Min budget):

Good morning/Afternoon/evening (or whenever) Mr/Ms _________________________
I have done my research (AND MORE IMPORTANTLY PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!) and it has come to my attention you are the person I need to speak with I know you probably receive a lot of mail so I'm going to get right to the point. I would like to work with you I don't have a huge budget but I have _____ what can be done if anything for that price also I am willing to do trade promote your brand , pass out flyers or even intern to secure your services. I understand that your about your business and I want to show you I value you as I hope you will do once you've gotten a chance to review my music, one-sheet, video and/or E.P.K once again thank you for your time and the opportunity to network with you.
Let's speak again soon what is a good time and what is the best way to contact you?

Yours Truly________

Now that will increase your chances immensely its not what you do, but how you do it nor what you say, but how that message is being conveyed. This has been a #MrOfficialWhistle aka Cool Vee  - [Vibez] 411 and some real talk please take heed. Stay humble invest in yourself because if you don't why should others. Stop looking for handouts and acting like the world owe you something you don't go into pizza hut or corporate America with that attitude you shouldn't come into this business (The Key Words - Music Business) with it either!

I wish you all the best and ONLY YOU can make a difference people give me feedback on this one!!


~RED SHAYDEZ~ said...

This was a very informative article!! Artists take heed!!

rappquelle said...

Thank you V... this is something that i needed to read .. and that needed to be said. You continue to be an inspiration big bro.

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