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Sunday, June 6, 2010


What's Crack'n Peoples!

Enough is Enuff! I am tired of new cats coming in this business with that disrespectful sh@t sorry Nicki you will never be no Lil Kim!!!! (Sorry Not Gonna happen Check Her Resume and albums and compare that to just your MIXTAPE catalog!) This shit is getting out of hand and Drake sit your ass down! You trippen fams!!!!

I mean that with no disrespect but honestly WDF is going on these days is there something in the water have artists truly lost their minds? It's crazy for example how the F@ck T Pain gonna disrespect Roger Trautman with the autotune by saying he want all artists that use it to pay him "Huh?" correct me if I'm wrong but Roger was the 1st to use that sound and hell he did it better sorry! We gots to stop with that nonsense now I like T pain but that's just crazy! The videos speak for them selves people give me feedback 100 PEACE!!!!!

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