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Monday, June 21, 2010


What's Crack'n Peoples!

1st I would like to thank "Aarron Mcgruder" for saying what myself and other people who support true art over BS. I have never been sold on the "Tyler Perry" Nigg-a-tree which have been fed to us for the past couple years and who elected him as the national spokes person for the black family? This is the type of sh@t that perpetuates stereotypes and racism yet we support it 100% because....... He's a christian and he's a black man, Right? Wrong if you follow history so was Jim Jones, Bush was supposed to be a christian look at the results of the war and the list goes on this country and slavery were founded on those same principles.

Now let's think back why have we been letting BS get a pass case in point OJ Simpson who clearly had issues but because he was black we gave him a pass. R Kelly because he made good music we neglected his issues and overlooked him being a pedophile and peeing on little girls! What about Karrine Steffans the poster child for hoes who not only wrote a book and broke up countless marriages but followed up with a how to guide and she because a superstar of it the same applies to Ray J & Kim Kardashian WDF are we thinking and supporting? We are getting way out of hand peoples!

I am NOT here to pass judgement on Tyler Perry or one particular person because I'm far from perfect but the only difference is I'm not using GOD as a branding tool to co-sign my BS. You can support ignorance if you wish but all I have to say is don't get mad the next time your stereotyped by police co-workers etc because of this crap that perpetuates it and racism. It has made being ignorant the norm, well I for one will have to blow the unofficial whistle on this crap!

But don't take my word for it check the videos below and judge for yourself give me feedback peoples!

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