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Monday, June 4, 2012


Good Morning: I know I know I haven't left you with a Marketing Tip for today so here goes: Target branding what do I mean by this I mean hitting your consumers "dead on"   but know this that this is NOT will not be an an easy task and will take a little work. I suggest you start by making & taking surveys regarding your brand. I also suggest hitting the streets and getting some genuine responses It's always best to ask NON friends or family for real responses these people will be honest and give you the best feedback. Also when taking a survey ask those people that care about your product for example you wouldn't ask ask a retired worker about youth services or spring break? ..Would you?

  So do a little research in which you can use any of the many social mediums out for example:  twitter, facebook, linkedin etc to do this I personally suggest you use them all because each one has its own unique  market base.  The key to getting the best results is maximizing all avenues of potential client base from online to using everything around you from your job to your social life ask those people you know may have a interest of your brand even those who don't sometimes because you can get some valuable info from some of those people too but do NOT concentrate on them your consumer base is the MAIN concern.  So I hope this lil nugget helps you on whatever field or journey you embark upon.   With that said have a fantastic day you heard the whistle official!!

You heard the whistle so you know its official have a great day! 

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