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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

know when I introduce you to some new heat its mos def official!  Well about 2 years ago I told you about this hot spitter from UK called "Mz Brat" then a few months latter I told you about "Lady Leshurr" but I am not how many of you where listening. So here we are a year and 1/2 later and this UK lil mama goes hard!!!!! 

I haven't heard a female MC get it in like this in a minute and its refreshing whats crazy is I'm noticing there is more heat coming from females in the UK and US (in the underground circuits) than some of the men in the mainstream these days! (Sorry My Opinion deal with it!)  However it is refreshing when I see & hear hot female artists who can entertain me as well as drops some seriously dope lyrics. 

Now what gives me the right to say this or give my opinion well I have been listening to female Hip-Hop artists since Sparky D and when Angie Stone used to spit (Do Your Research so that makes me a bonifide Hip-Hop junkie)   well back to Ms Leshurr this female artist is doipe not only can she spit fast and has crazy personality but comes across humble yet relatable. After hearing her track "Lego" which I must admit the production is crazy!!! (Great job) she is one artist "Cool V" been predicting but now-a-days it all relays on the marketing if they brand her right she will be one of the next best if not she will remain a UK favorite and US unheard meaning only heard by few!   But since her debut a few years ago her name has been buzzing hard in the states capturing the hearts of Busta Ryhmes, Slaughterhouse, Jadakiss and a ton of DJ's including DJ Whoo Kid who hosts her new mixtape 2000 & L (see below) so needless to say this lil mama is going places. You can also catch her on my new mixtape "Womans World" it's going down!

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