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Thursday, June 14, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

I know most of you remember this UK artist who 1st dropped on the scene a couple of months ago with her banger "Polaroid" which I have been banging and introduced you all to from the RW Record Pool's website (Which is no longer up SMH but see here (For the proof) few months ago anywho, I have been watching and waiting for her next banger which she dropped a fun home video of her remaking "Salt & Pepa's" song "Shoop" where she remixes Aviciihit song Levels sample "Somethings I get A Good Feeling" taken from the original tune the late great "Etta James" - "Somethings Got A Hold On Me".

This video is fun and it's a home video so the levels are not leveled but you can hear she has talent and she kills it with her Left eye freesyle spit on this track then brings it home with her ever so soft, smooth but soulful voice. She has a fun personality and star quality I can't wait for others to see just how talented she is! I mos def wish and got my fingers crossed for this artist you go "Vali" your mos def slept on!

I still say her label Rostum made a boo boo (huge mistake) by NOT releasing Polaroids (the song below) instrumental and accapella tracks to us DJ/Record pools BDS is BDS because soooooo many want and needs this and alot of us have been going frantic looking everywhere for the single "Polaroid's"instrumental Vali if you see this seen me that joint asap also I got some drop scripts for you! Boom I blew the official whistle on this a minute ago!

Copyright Rostrum Records 2012
Directed by Davy Duhamel
Song Produced by Sap
Song Mixed by E. Dan at ID Labs, Pittsburgh, PA

Checkout Vali Online:

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