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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What's Crack'n People,

Now I know it's been a minute since I left you guys with some "REALTALK" but the way things are going now-a-days I felt the need to drop my two-cents today. This generation has turned to a hoe festival and whats more crazy is that glamorize it and think it's cute to be a hoe now-a-days (SMH). Dig it, I remember back in the days when if a dude heard a chick had the whole football team we was like that was a hoe or a walking STD and was turned off. now-a-days its glamorized hell just look at how the media promotes cats from chasing no-talent reality stars to chasing porn stars. This is even common in the circle of some people we know  as well who chase people who we know or heard did damn near everyone else we know!  

How common is this? This goes for both sexes and I am NOT mad at anyone for getting their freak on but dammit have some class!  When did it become cool to f@ck the whole football team then go brag about it?  Well people are getting famous because of this don't believe me  just ask Superhead, Kim Kardashian and a ton of other Video vixens just how did they get famous? This trait is also common in Singers and Athlete's and other famous people. 

This is sad people I remember a time growing up when you called a girl a B@tch those was instant fighting words now-a-days some girls wear it as trophies (Not My Real Women).  Just like some dudes think its cool to impregnate about 10's of women and leave them for us the tax payers to take care of em and whats even more sad is some women are now making other men responsible for  ruthless movements by doing scandelous acts as having babies by one dude and blaming another just because that guys a nice guy! (Sick ..& U Wonder Y They Call U A Bitch? SMH

 These days morals , respect and loyalty have all went to the curb leaves me with the question....  People Whats Really Good? Where have we fallen to and to sum it up so this is the result of the crack baby generation all grown up huh?  I'll leave that for you to ponder people have a great weekend and remember safe sex but more important love yourself having a million partners will NOT fulfill you it will just confuse you and now you are stuck carrying the luggage of all those partners and all those people they had sex with! ....True Story!


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