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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What's Crack'n People!

I told yaw about this UK singer "Katy B" aka (Katie Brien) a minute ago when she dropped on the since 2 years ago with a bang from the UK club scene in South London under the name "Baby Katy" introduced by "DJ NG" on a track called "Tell Me" and blew up all across the globe on the club dance circut. 

This London native has been traveling the globe ever since and after making a smash debut in NYC last year she has been on the road ever since!  Katy returns with "Movement" a Dance/Pop hit that will surely get you moving. After I heard it pre-released on a UK dance mixtape I was stuck on the groove also how real dance music has finally been accepted by the mainstream.

I was 1st struck by the hot production of this tune like most on her debut album but her soulful/club voice immediately drives you into the beat even further. She hasn't hit the US as big as she should have (My Opinion) she is way too slept on and there hasn't been a singer like this since "Josh Stone" that has impressed me this fast but trust me she's young and has a lot more hits in her make sure you stay tuned to this artist "Cool V" predicts "Katy B" will become a household name! 

This dance/pop dance hit also proves my music predictions of the integration of house music was becoming infused with Pop, Hip-Hop & R&B was right.
Which I felt was the next natural progression of music anyway because it has went everywhere else, but back to Katy this Londonite has a lot in store make sure you follow her I been sold she she dropped "Lights On" trust me the Official Whistle has been blown.

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