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Monday, June 25, 2012


Good Morning to all Nas said it best we have to STOP being zombies and instead lead OURSELVES & stop waiting for someone to do it for us 1st! Everyone now-a-days don't want to work for nothing and I feel we have sometimes even forgotten the struggle from which we came.

My mother use to tell me to stand for something and that meant something to me. Hell there is even a saying that used to go with that " If You Stand For NOTHING you'll fall for ANYTHING!" SO i URGE EVERYONE TO STAND TALL not BECAUSE OF A DAMN FACEBOOK POST BUT BECAUSE GOD CREATED US ALL FOR A PURPOSE! The problem is most of us are selfish and have forgotten that we was designed for 'HIS" plan not ours! #Message ( Not trying to preach but hopefully reach & teach!)

In short if you see injustice (NO-MATTER the Color/Creed) take a stand and if there is a need for a leader ...Then lead dammit if there is NOT an opportunity .....CREATE ONE dammit and stop complaining people it gets NO-WHERE

"HAVE A GREAT WEEK PEOPLE~" ~Cool V~ Shout out to "Vanessa Marie" who inspired this post as a response to a facebook post.

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