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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chris Brown Drops New ReBanger Feat Snoop & 2 Chains

Chris Brown drops another banger this time feat Mr South Swag 2Chains & The king of the West Coast Snoop Dogg. This is a re-release but still I like it got it in the mail earlier this week I think it was smart for him to add 2Chains in the mix how can you go wrong with that one?  I know I know some of you are tired of Chris Brown but honestly how can you get mad at him for being on his grind and producing good music. This boy is ultra talented and damn near does it all I'm waiting for the Chris Brown reality show on MTV or BET maybe when Rihanna's hype wears down we will see it.  Another artist whom I think is talented as well but a just lil over rated (My Opinion). people what do you think give me your feedback!

I can't wait for this young man to hit full stride and go back to making epic videos like Micheal Jackson because say what you will I haven't seen another artist come close to dancing as good as MJ (Which by the way is unreplacable there is only one MJ Thank You!) So tired of cats always trying to compare our greats to newcomers you can not replace the originator of a sound or style with a duplicator! #REALTALK

So you've heard the whistle ...It's Official give me feedback

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