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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Are We Taking Butt Shots Too Far?

Why you should reconsider getting butt injections!
 More On Chaulk Injections 
Real discussions from women who had the implant says you have to get the shot redone every 6 months(wow)


What's Crack'n Peoples!

Now since I have heard and seen both sides of the fence. The good, the bad and the ugly. My only advice to women who want to get this procedure is "Be Careful" and "Do Your Research"!  Do you really need a butt shot? Or are you doing it for other reasons? If your doing it for the modeling industry unless your just trying to do music videos and urban mags my advice would be don't do it based off the feedback I have received from models who have got them and casting agencies. Because unless your trying to be typecast in this business then its best to stay your normal size.  It also depends if your trying to go into the adult industry because then there are other things to consider.

If your considering please check the videos and links above before doing so. Now I didn't post this to DISRESPECT ANYONE is NOT meant to bash Pebbles or Buffie or anyone else who have gotten one but to serve as an example for other women who is considering this process. To me I like it when a women butt looks natural its gotten way out of had right now. When I 1st seen Pebbles injections they where cool but as of lately her ass no longer matches her body!  I thought buffie had a big one until she came along and bammmmmm its like Buffie who? ...Now that is NOT in a good way because I always knew Buffie had a ass injection when I remembered her from her 1st website (Pictures don't lie!) The crazy thing is people should have learned from her experiences but people never do!

It's a shame that we are no longer happy with being ourselves anymore we have to go EVERYTHING extra! Then we wonder what happened to true love? We DID!!!! I say if a man or woman doesn't like you for who you are "FUCK EM" just that simple no one should have to undergo surgeries or anything else just to please another persons ego "That's Just Ridiculous!" (Yeah I Said It!) I love you just the way GOD made YOU! Because no one is thinking about the after effects will those ass shots look hype when your 55-65? (Think About It) So there are alot of things to consider also heaven forbids most don't know whats even being pumped into their bodies. So this should be carefully planned and well thought out!  Now in some cases I can understand if you have no ass and want to fill good about yourself and that's a problem area for you then that's between you and GOD. But if you already have a 40 inch waist and still considering then ask yourself is it hard getting clothes now and how easy will it be once you get this process done? Either way I am not judging just saying what ever you do 1st be true to YOU!

With that said think about it the effects short term and long term also consider the many stories that's been told!

Be Blessed!

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

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