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Monday, September 13, 2010


What's Crack'n People! 

Yes today is the day that most remember 2Pac the legendary MC but I'm here to write about the man who changed many peoples lives and gave the hood HOPE! Including myself most people like to discuss the controversial situations Pac encountered and his reactions. But today I'd like to discuss all the wonderful music and inspiration he gave to the forgotten.  2Pac talked about hope for the homeless, neglected youth, single mothers and to the everyday hard working individual as well as the people wh made mistakes looking for redemption.

What made this man remarkable was not just the body of amazing tunes he left us with but with his passion for revolution and change from an unjust world. I spent a many of night listening to his songs thinking about life and what to do NEXT! In a unjust world I am inspired to continue to change the world based off of his life's passion as well as the people he admired Malcom X, Marcus Garvey and so many other revolutionaries now I am NOT into racism because NO ONE WINS!

But I have dedicated my life for change its like my grandma & auntie would say "What Are You Living For?" as they helped so many and welcomed anyone almost 1/2 the hood in their homes. It taught me a lesson and also inspired me to not just complain but "DO SOMETHING!"  So in memory of Pac I'm asking people to do the same try to make a difference and think about more than yourself if we truly want to respect Pac memories lets respect what the man stood for!

If Pac was alive many things would be different what we call real G's, Hip Hop, and the way we look at society that's why his life was ended so early because of how pivotal the part he played in young revolutionaries he wasn't gathering thugs to destroy but he was changing the way they thought threrw "Thug Nation" with "Tookie Williams"  oh yeah it gets deep (DO YOUR RESEARCH!)

What's amazing is how people can only attach themselves to the negative and forget about the possitive or become noncaring until it hits home! Let's make a difference today and change the world today!

Think About It You Heard The Whistle!

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

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