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Friday, September 17, 2010


Free 24-Track Project Available October 19th


Team Facelift, comprised of Fonda, Machine, The Fat Jew & DJ/Producer Tommy Mas, have been experimenting with different combinations of drugs, mostly hallucinogens & have emerged with a 24 track product aptly titled '6 Grams.' The free album will be available on October 19th, coinciding with the first day of CMJ week in Manhattan, and the night of their scheduled appearance during the Duck Down VS Blacksmith showcase at Le Poisson Rouge .

Team Facelift were born & raised in Manhattan. The group blends Hip-Hop & house music with energetic delivery & passionate disregard for authority. They are currently working on their debut album, 'Manhattan,' due in stores in 2011, which is being mixed by acclaimed music producer, Junior Sanchez, who has worked with Madonna, Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Good Charlotte, Katy Perry & more.

For fans who can't wait until 2011, '6 Grams' is the perfect remedy.

Watch the first of several music videos for the title track 6 Grams:

Track Listing Below:

1) Intro
2) 6 Grams
3) Car Thief '10
4) 6 Shooter feat. Ruste Juxx
5) Re-Elect Dinkins feat. The Kid Daytona & Action Bronson
6) Manhattan
7) Walking Through The Dark feat. Trouble Andrew
8) Fountain of Youth
9) #PPP Interlude
10) Trip P Anthem feat. Jovi Rockwell
11) Hair
12) Dominguez!
13) Shapeshifters feat. Action Bronson
14) Mr. Menthol
15) Heart Attack
16) Pulled Pork feat. Action Bronson & Kurious
17) Last Night I Danced Alone
18) Islandz (produced by Junior Sanchez)
19) Splinters
20) Long Cold Winter
21) Me
22) Captain Cessna feat. Super Viral Brothers
23) Ghetto Girl feat. Jacky Rabinowitz of Bubble Geese
24) Fridays

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