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Friday, September 24, 2010


What's Crack'n Peoples!

1st after viewing this it never ceases to amaze me about these crooked pastors (If Guilty) but what really threw me off was the number of people who have been hurt by these crooked pastors!  I'm not even speaking on just this scandal but for all the wayward souls who actually went to these churches seeking help and got misused and abused instead. Don't these people realize your playing with a higher power the lord giveths & taketh away and when you feel his wrath thats some serious business! I am NOT speaking a a religious nut but as an individual who have experienced "KARMA" and trust me you don't want to cross her path on a bad day!

To be short you reap what you sew!  But just think of all the lives these people impact and it's high time we stop covering up Bullsh@t 1st Micheal to R Kelly  to now this guy celebrities are human and some of them need help!  We gots to stop giving these people the GOD complex because they only do what WE let them people simple and plain start using your brain!  I pray for the victims and for all you crooked pastors shame on you but your gonna have to answer to a higher power one day and believer or not let's see who's name you call when something happen! Nuff said!

Note: I am NOT partial to what you call GOD long as you believe their is one and if you don't there will come a day that you will (Real Talk) have a great weekend peoples!

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