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Tuesday, September 28, 2010





 I usually just shoot from the top but because I have so much to say but today ...I don't even know where to start with this one! Well, 1st things 1st I have written about this same topic on many occasions and I must say it's refreshing to see that I along with many others  " Didn't Stand alone!"  Let me also start by saying I was born and raised in the hood and also 1/2 of most of my family and friend was caught up in the dope game and 1/2 of them are either dead or on crack but somehow didn't get trapped in the system! I WANTED MORE!!

If the article in "Global Grin" wasn't  deja-ve because I just spoke to my boy "Wayne Royale" about this and I was also just on the phone a few days ago talking to "Roxanne Shante" a Hip-Hop vet about the same thing. She discussed how we are being depicted in Hip Hop today and how she grew up at the age of 14 working in a shoot-up house (Crack House) giving shots to the crack heads with needles so she was making money before she entered the rap game. She also talked about how she was always seeking a better life for herself and some of the poor choices she made and how these bad decisions at an early age effected her life and the many hardships she went threw because of them. So now she dedicates a lot of her time helping other young women and warning them NOT make the same mistakes!

I have also have spoken to countless others in the past about this same topic  from Pac to Biggie even Biggie Smalls was evolving from that mind state shown in one of his last videos where he even states " I can't talk about being broke or the same topics because I'm NOT broke no more! So I can't talk about that and not feeding into ignorance how it can escalate into nothing but drama."

 "Biggie Discusses why he didn't talk about the same topics as he did on his 1st album"

I have even spoke to countless Dj's who are tired of the same ol story to DJ's such as "Mary Nicholes"  from "Black Radio is Back"  & "Fuse Box Radio" also Radio station managers and owners such as "Masha Polk" GM/1DOTFMJAMZ, "Africah Allah" CEO/ DIRADIO CAST to Sway & Tech "MTV /"Wake Up Show", "Dew Kelly & GS " Lord Gang DJ's, "Latin Prince CEO/Bum Squad DJ's My PNC  & veteran "DJ King Assassin" (2 Pac's DJ) , Fleet DJ's, Future Star DJs, Princess Lopez of NEX Radio, Wayne Royale "Mixxcity Radio" to the creator of  the 1st mix-tape awards show R.I.P the late great "Justo Faizon" himself and countless others.

Hip Hop have always been the target of controversy since its conception but we always had artists in the limelight who wrote lyrics so deep and thought provoking even college professors could not deny its artistic value and educational value so much in fact they created college courses to express this at NYU (See Here) & Howard University (See Here) to study them.  But what can we say about some (NOT ALL) of the lyrics when studying in Hip Hop today . Just think about it we went from "Think About It" to "Self Destruction" to now "Oh Let's Do It" or the "Stanky Leg" some of today's Hip Hop artists have made us an easy target for critics who think Hip Hop promotes only negativity and ignorance like Bill O Reily and countless others. The sad thing is there are plenty of amazing artists who have thought provoking lyrics like J Cole, Wiz Kahlifah, Bad Seed, Richie Sosa, R.A.P.P QuelleDead Pres, Jay Electronica, Ameer, Ghost Wrider, Cory Gunz, Jay Rock, Diggy Simmons, Kendred Lemar, Beedie  Mac Miller, or Rain and many others who get overlooked because of the stand they have taken for Hip Hop. A reflection of our mental status and the negative impact that some of this music is causing just see and see why it's time for a change or just go to your local hood and open your eyes!

When did this dummication of Hip Hop start? I 'd have to say when when Hip Hop married the south some artists lost sight of lyrical content and the true essence of Hip Hop Freestyling B-Boying etc.. Now before you jump to conclusions I am NOT saying all ignorance came from the south lord knows we played our part but a lot of the artists from the south came with dumb down lyrics. Now on the other hand there have also been alot of hot artists from the south that still stood for the same creativity Hip Hop emerged with such as Outcast, UGK, Little Brother etc... There has been enough debates contesting this fact and one of the biggest and more famous debates I remember was between "Monie Love" and "Young Jeezy" (See Here) Which I agreed with her 100%! (Sorry Jeezy!)

"It's a shame" (ironic choice of word's huh lol see monie) that so many have fought so hard for Hip Hop to become mainstream and now that we have achieved such status how our pioneers are repaid? (It's Like The Rosa Park Syndrome) She fought for us to sit in the front so that most of us can go straight to the back!  Now don't get me wrong I am NOT saying that every lyric you make has to be on a preachy topic or educational but "Can You At Least Show Some Diversity?"  Now NOT all the artist like I said fall in this category nor is it their fault. Because in this process  behind the scenes corporate politics play a major role on what you see. It's up to the consumer not to feed into negative cycle however it is NO coincidence that our youth in America is being targeted "Truth Be Told" it's business  because the dumber the consumer is the easier the sale!  This thinking has also led to many stupid decisions that the U.S have made because if you dumb a person down they are more gullible and accepting to BS they become. (See Here) & (Here.

Now I am not gonna front I actually like some of Waka Flockas songs (mostly the beat because can't understand 1/2 the lyrics) as I do Lil John, Luke & Lil Wayne and they should  NOT be depicted as the spokespersosn for African American race just artists these young individuals are artists from the hood  following their dream (Which I would rather see than them actually busing shots in the streets any day!)  However we have to stop glorifying ignorance! Its okay to dance and have fun but when that becomes a way of life and people who come from nice homes are thinking living in the projects is cool and dumming down their education and status quo something is VERY WRONG WITH THAT!   It should be just as cool to read a book and go to school. While Hip Hop plays a major role in this it is NOT the only accomplice so have Heavy Metal, Dance and other forms of music without receiving the same notoriety (hmmmm).  Any-who, If this isn't a wake up call for Hip Hop I don't know what is!  I have discussed this topic also with YZ,  Hakeem (Channel Live), G.S (Lord Gang Djs) and my partner "DJ Fathom" CEO Underwire Magazine and Tapwire Magazine on numerous occasions and in conclusion "People we have GOT TO DO BETTER!"

It's like Nelly stated on an interview with Albie C.E.O/Cheddar DVD "I worked my way out of the hood and people nowadays are working their way trying to get into the hood, When is success and doing better NOT A GOOD THING?" I have to agree with him 100% because I see so many cats who are hustling for a pair of "Air Jordans" and trying to make a career out of hustling WDF? This is crazy haven't the movie Juice, Scarface or New Jack City thought you ANYTHING?  Hell if you don't remember those than check out "Brooklyns Finest" some real talk in which the movie shows you hustling and quick money from the streets leads to a dead end street. 

It's crazy how dumb we are becoming as Americans compared to other countries its scary the education level of the US vs China or Japan or Canada.  Are we are really becoming stupider by the minute?  You would think with an intellectual president like Obama vs George Bush we would be headed towards progress instead we are digressing even faster and its like watching a rerun of  of the movie"Dumb & Dumber"!  It's time we use our heads being stupid has cost countless lives with this war as well as our economy and may cost our future!  We need to wake up and smell the coffee because it's not looking so good right now and that's "Real Talk"


"Have A Great Day & As Always "Dream But Don't Sleep!"
Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

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