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Friday, September 17, 2010


 What's Crack'n Peoples! 

I don't usually like to repost all the bad things that happen in the news but sometimes there are things that just make you say "What The F@ck!" and these videos above are just horrible!   What are we coming to people? We love to showcase and highlight the ignorant or negative but seldom do the same for the positive. It is a known fact that we as people are drawn to negative before the positive.  ...Don't believe me? Ok what would be the 1st thing you would think if someone you never knew walked up to you and said ....."Hey I feel so good today that I'd like to give you $100 dollars!"   What would be the first thing you'd think or say? ...Most people including myself would be like "What's The Catch?" Rather than replying with a simple "Thank You!" 

This just goes to show we are becoming so used to negativity and disappointment that we sometimes look for it! Case in point why do people go to see horror movies like "Saw" etc where people are being tortured? What most don't realize is the more you watch these types of movies the more desensitized you become. (Known Fact!) It's getting to the point that things don't even shock us anymore we say "OMG THAT'S TERRIBLE" Then in the next few minutes go back to our normal routines (SMH) Now when I seen these people abuse the elderly my heart dropped. How brave are you to assault or kill an old person?  This just goes to show "WE NEED HELP THESE DAYS (REALTALK!)  

I was so upset to see these actions to the elderly and to babies that it sickens me! Do these people realize they are going to get old?  Especially the attack on the old woman from her 50 year old care giver (Lady You'll be there soon & you reap what you sew! Hello!) Then on the other side people killing their own kids? Cmon!!!!   It's called "BIRTH CONTROL" in 2010 where there are all types of contraceptives why is this happening?  If you don't want kids I'll keep it simple then either protect yourself or ...."JUST DONT HAVE SEX!"   It's really that simple!

What the above videos indicate to me is that we are living in the last days. Now I'm not trying to get religious or about to take it to the next level but "THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!"  These types of things was foretold in many faith based books like The Bible or The Quran, Etc.. Which brings us to all these people using Religion or GOD as a weapon newsflash people "GOD IS LOVE" he doesn't hate nor discriminate "MAN DO!"  Again what these actions indicate is "WE NEED HELP!" Society has taught us many things how to be racist, discriminate, hatred etc..   Don't believe me? Well,  just watch the news today and your bound to see an example!

I can go on talking about whats wrong but I'd rather provide you with a solution "LET'S TRY LOVE FOR A CHANGE!"  I mean foreal!

Have a blessed day and people! And...... "LET'S DO BETTER!!!!!"

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

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