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Sunday, September 26, 2010



Whats Crack'n People!

1st I would like to say I am NOT about to judge nor condemn "Eddie Long" because for me titles of GOD is something earned not man given. I am tired of false prophets and people trying to make GOD look bad or making a mockery of religion.  It was created to teach us to use our moral compass and to strengthen our faith. It was created for hatred, racism or to be misused the way most of these quote on quote religious characters are utilizing it for! 
These people should be ashamed of themselves but one day will answer to a higher power and not I. Meanwhile I'll just pray GOD has mercy on their souls! I for one believe there's a GOD and have experienced situations that I know something out there was watching over me! It's also the feeling I get when I feel something evil or do something wrong. God has built us each a moral compass it's just that some of us chose to ignore it.

He doesn't do these things WE DO!!!!!! We also allow people to claim his name and misuse his brand! It's just like upholding a job title with a company for example: You cannot be a school teacher and a stripper! (Why? conflict of interest!) the same applies if your doing wrong wearing a robe claiming to be a pastor, evangelist, missionary etc.. these are all high titles in the ranking of GODs army. 

So to be clear I think we have swept bs under the wrong for to long and I have heard countless individuals who have been abused and misused due to someone in a higher position misusing his or her trust. (Shame On You!) But its even worse when you carry a title of GOD because it goes against "EVERYTHING" your supposed to stand for!

Why do these people do these things? .......Simple "BECAUSE WE LET THEM!"  and don't hold them accountable. We like to reflect and remember all the good things they do and dispel and other actions because we want to believe the good in these people and that positive trumps negative. But the truth of the matter is that's just some cases! The Bible says "You will know a tree by the fruit it bears" which simple means judge people by their actions NOT WHAT THEY SAY!!!!!!

We overlooked the problems of Ray Charles, Ike Turner, Micheal Jackson, R Kelly & OJ Simpson and countless others when all these individuals needed some serious counseling. They are ONLY HUMAN PEOPLE! It's time we start dealing with our issues instead of making more issues because contrary to what you or I believe how many issues can we keep containing or locking in a closet or sweeping under a rug before "SOMETHING BUSTS" just some "Real Talk" and here's some food for thought have a great week people and I'll continue to pray for him & the victims or alleged victims  because this is more serious than just a news story this is lives and future generations! (Think About It!)

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