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Wednesday, September 8, 2010



What's Crack'n People!

Police BRUTALITY is a subject near and dear to my heart because not only have I been a victim of racial profiling and witnessed these horrible acts but many of my peers have either been victimized by this or have seen this 1st hand as well.  The problem is when you do speak out its like speaking against the MOBB because the police is a new gang now and some are even worse than the criminals on the street correction they are because their job is to protect NOT serve US!

In 2001 I was a victim while I attended an event and due to court regulations I have been unable to discuss the details in full but I was victimized in front of thousands and NOTHING was done to the offending officers who had a record of prior cases of police brutality. (SMH) Let you OR I get a felony or misdemeanor and see will the courts or judges be so forgiving. If we have to pay the cost I ask why are not our officers who know better and have taken a oath held in the same regard?  Although this is disgusting we tolerate it and most are scarred to speak up and for good reason.  But when they start attacking kids and senior citizens enough is enough!

What can you do?

Here are my 5 Ways To Stop Police Brutality:

1. Protests
Police stations, city hall and other government venues must be protested against and marched on after every incident of police brutality.

2. Record the Police
We must use our cameras every time police harass us to catch them in the act. Then we can use the Internet and the viral media to expose these actions worldwide. In their heyday, the Black Panthers would do this.  They had a police watch and would follow the police with a camera and record their actions.  Now that cameras are so cheap and people have cameras on their phones, it is a lot easier to hold the police accountable for their actions.
Seattle Police Beat 15 Year Old Girl

3. Vote Out Politicians Who Condone Police Brutality
Politicians who do not address issues like police brutality must be voted out of office. Rappers should be spending a lot less time glamorizing black on black crime and dissing each other, and more time documenting police brutality. African American entertainers and activists have a strong voice in America and they must also use that voice to fight the problems in our community.
Top 5 NYPD Brutality Cases

4. Engage in Dialogue With the Cops
We must use moderate police organizations to work with the police to stop police brutality. Groups like 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement have done a lot to combat police brutality and people should work with them as an intermediary to deal with community issues with the police.

5. Take Legal Action Against Police
We need to take legal action as well. The best way to hurt police brutality is by hitting them in the pocket. If the police keep on getting sued for brutality they’ll be forced to deal with the issue. Every incident of police brutality should be reported to both the government and the media.

Top 10 Police Brutality Cases
Black people pay taxes and therefore they also pay police salaries. Police should be in the communities to serve and protect not to harass and arrest. The war on drugs is really a war on the black community. Black people are treated like insurgents in occupied territory and not citizens in need of protection. We need to address how the war on drugs has become a war on black males that has caused more problems than it has helped.

Police Beat Teenage Girl For Riding Bike
So what do YOU think?  If I left some good tips out, let me know in the Comments.  It’s not enough to be angry at law enforcement and saying F-the Police. We must channel our anger into actions that will stop police brutality in the future.

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