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Thursday, September 9, 2010


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Imagine a young girl, raised on the sounds of soul and the streets, driving through the urban atmosphere of Jacksonville, FL, with her busy mother behind the wheel and a broken radio station, blasting only pop tunes. With colorful videos permeating her mind and musical styles blending in her brain, the little girl took it all it and made pretty pictures in her mind. Prince and Cyndi Lauper collided within her. The masters of sight and song became her family and as time passed and talent evolved, Alja would become Jesse Jane, too, an artist whose dexterity has no boundaries, whose talent knows no limit.

Now, Alja aka Jesse Jane is the The Perttiest Girl, whose first single is blazing up the internet and buzzing on every coast. Dance performances are all over Youtube and little girls everywhere have adopted her colorful mix-match fashion sense. Shes the newest star on Leftfield/Interscope Records and shes got everybody talking about her eclectic musical taste and ghetto-pop style.

When my mother would drive me around in that old Toyota Corolla, all we had was that broken car radio. It was stuck on one station and that only played pop music. I listened to that a lot and then we got home I listened to R&B and hip-hop. Thats the music I knew I wanted to do when I became an artist. I knew I wanted to be an R&B/soul star. What she didnt know is that pop music would make its influence known when she started writing and shaping her sound. Alja moved to NYC to be in the heartbeat of music and to be where she thought she would find fame and fortune. She sang background vocals for iconic artists like Maxi Priest and Sean Paul. She took meetings with labels, knowing that one day she would be a star. But NYC wasnt the dream for Alja Jackson and the South came calling again. I knew that I had to go home because I just wasnt feeling the vibe. I knew that ATL was the new hotspot for music, so I moved.

Alja was motivated but everyone wasnt digging her sound. Its not that they didnt like my music. They liked my music, but I didnt have a sound. Every artist needs to know their own voice, their sound, and I didnt really have one. Alja took the wise advice of a producer who suggested that she write. You have to take a minute to find out who you really are. A lot of artists dont want to struggle, but that advice opened every door. I started working with all these producers and artists and it changed everything. Then, one day I was in the studio working with the Pussycat Dolls and the next day, I was in an artist meeting with Jimmy Iovine. Alja slouched in the chair, sure that this was just another we dont get you and your style meeting, but Jesse Jane, her vibrant alter ego, knew that this was it. Jesse Jane was right. Interscope Records got it and signed her the next day.

The Perttiest Girl, which Alja did on Garage Band in its original version and posted to the internet, to surprising response that included people added their own spin and even their own verses and Love on the Loose, which she did with producer Ike Dirty, the son of soul man Isaac Hayes, were two of the songs that the fun-loving artist presented at the meeting and they show up on her debut project, a blend of hip-hop and soul, but coming together in the sound she calls ghetto-pop, a hip hybrid of all of the music that is Alja aka Jesse Jane. The Perttiest Girl was a joke. Its everything a guy would say to try to get at you, but its quirky and


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