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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Finding creative ways to introduce and reintroduce your product or brand into the market is challenging in a society where virtual noise is everywhere. In a paperless society information is readily available. As a new media entity it is important that we maximize the use of all digital platform to enhance the quality of our client and user experience. Introducing, iSupport Digital Magazine a bi- annul publication produced by DIRadioCast iSupport Network to support artists and small businesses viral growth. 

The magazine is 100% interactive with back links to external content. The publication is FREE and targets 500k viewers worldwide. Click to see iSupport Digital Magazine. Monster Cable Avatar re-releases in US theaters this weekend and lately there's been a lot of talk about 3D movies and 3D coming into our living rooms with new TVs and Players. 

How do you feel about 3D? Are you considering a 3D TV yet? Monster 'universal' 3D glasses - AVReview News and Cable manufacturer Monster has announced that its universal 3D glasses will go on sale in late September. The Monster Vision Max 3D glasses are being claimed as a 'world's first' by the company because they will work with any brand of active shutter 3D TV.

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