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Thursday, September 24, 2009


DOWNLOAD "Be Aiight" Ft Lil Wayne NOW!
Dirty: "Here"
Clean: "Here"
Instrumental: "Here"

"Check Out Their First Video & Single"

Whats Poppin Peoples!

If you love the "South" or just love "Banging Beats and Hot Lyrics" then this group is sure to please. I first got wind of these cats threw Digiwaxx ( Shouts to BIG YU, CASHMAN, CL, KASEY & CREW!) who gave me a yell & the 411 and after I heard this joint * Whistles* It was co-signed and official!

I just had him on *Wild Wednesdays* Coolvsratednext radio show (SEE HERE) and he is a real cool down to earth cat with great vibes & good music. We had a blast on the show I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed having him on the show! In this biz you see them come and go but when humbleness and great music connects that equals success.

I am proud to give my boy the official whistle! Dj's, Bloggers and fellow Hip-Hoppers you need this track in your life it has a great message and hell "Lil Waynes" on the track and does his thing too! The video I'm told is in the making should start production next month and ladies yes we will be doing a contest so stay tuned!

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

For drops, cds, mixtape hosting, shows or anything Pinney Woods:

Black Ice Records/Entertainment: Deprez Jackson

Ph: 510.932.2898
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