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Friday, September 18, 2009


Hot on the heels of his groundbreaking new remix project with K’NAAN, J.Period is pleased to announce his role in the highly-anticipated new video game, DJ Hero™. With an unprecedented roster of talent including DJ AM (R.I.P.), DJ Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Shadow, and DJ Z-Trip, DJ Hero™ celebrates the best the DJ world has to offer, and affirms J.Period’s status as one of its elite class.

With a diverse array of styles represented in DJ Hero™ - from club to old school, mash-up to trip hop, electro to house - J.Period joins the cast of A-List turntablists as the group’s most celebrated Mixtape DJ. Known for powerhouse projects with Mary J. Blige, The Roots, Kanye West and Lauryn Hill, J.Period continues to hold the mantle as one of the world’s Top Mixtape DJ/Producers.

Adding to his growing track record (and fanbase: his collaboration with Q-Tip has received over 600,000 downloads/streams since February), J.Period’s latest project, “The Messengers,” has also had a powerful impact, earning nearly 75,000 downloads/streams since its release only weeks ago, on September 1. Remixing the music of legendary artist/activists Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan with rising hip hop star, K’NAAN, J.Period’s latest Mixtape is already being called one of the year’s best by top hip hop journalists.

With DJ Hero™, J.Period takes part in an epic collaboration featuring the biggest talent and hottest mixes ever amassed on a 93-mix soundtrack, producing 2 exclusive remixes. For his first, J.Period holds down New York’s legacy as the birthplace of hip hop, remixing 2 of its greatest hip hop anthems: Gang Starr "Just to Get a Rep" vs. Mobb Deep "Shook Ones, Part 2." For his second mix, J.Period turns to more traditional turntablism, cutting and scratching Billy Squier’s classic break “Big Beat” alongside a previously unreleased gem from Q-Tip called "Good Thang." The result is turntable artistry at its finest.

Expanding upon the revolutionary gameplay mechanics developed and refined in Guitar Hero®, DJ Hero™delivers an all-new interactive music experience that allows players to start the party and not only experience, but to hear music in an all-new way. With over 100 individual songs, highlighted in 93 unique never-before-released mixes that blend genres of music, including hip-hop, pop, rock and dance, DJ Hero™delivers the most diverse and international collection of music ever assembled in a music game, by incorporating anthems from legendary artists. Created exclusively for DJ Hero™, the turntable controller immerses fans in DJ culture and a sea of music as they utilize and master various DJ techniques including scratching, cross-fading and sampling, while leaving room for creative expression with a variety of effects and player-chosen samples, transforming a face in the crowd into the life of the party.

DJ Hero™ is being developed by FreeStyleGames for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PLAYSTATION®3 and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment systems and the Wii™ system from Nintendo. The game is rated “T” (Teen – Mild Suggestive Themes, Lyrics) by the ESRB. For more information about DJ Hero™, please visit,, and To pre-order DJ Hero™, check out



For All Press Inquiries Regarding J.Period, Please Contact:
Tasha Stoute (Strong Arm Media)

For All Press Inquiries Regarding DJ Hero™, Please Contact:
Jordan Dodge | 650.930.1258

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