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Saturday, September 19, 2009



What's Crack'n!

Yup it's ya boy boyee "Cool V" and yoy alllready know! (Like my dawg "Carty Yeah" says) as you know I'm a "REAL HIP HOP HEAD!" and now-a-days if your not blinging or swagging or don't have the marketing dollars behind you your talent is overlooked. (Sad But True!) Any-who lately I been getting a ton of emails from a artist who's been on his grind seriously I 1st got wind of this cat last year and been checking him out and I must admit this lil cat got's flow!

Its refreshing to see a MC be himself and keep it 100 and this cat is mos def that I have been playing his freestyle joints on "Cool V's Rated Next Present's Wild Wednesdays Show" and this cats been getting a lot of love and great feedback. I always appreciate sincere work and when someone loves what they do it conveys threw their music he just dropped a HOT mixtape which I co-sign if you love that True Hip Hop S*it! (Real Talk)

I also included some videos below so u can get a feel for homie I will admit his videos needs a lil work but his sounds are MONSTER! With the right guidance, marketing budget and insight homie could mos def do something!

Stay posted and take a listen mos def this cats on the "Cool V's Got Next Radar! It's Official He Gets The Whistle!

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

1. Mac Miller - Intro
2. Mac Miller - Dumb It Down Freestyle
3. Boaz - Run This Town Freestyle
4. Cryptic Wisdom - Mug So Mean
5. Statik Selektah feat. Lil' Fame, Saigon, & Sean Price - Critically Acclaimed
6. Mac Miller feat. John Record - Love My Name (prod. J Boss)
7. Cliff Po feat. Federro - Hell Of A Life
8. Gamble Royale - The Odds
9. B-Boy Fidget feat. Luke G & 33 & A 3rd - This What We Be On
10. Hannibal King feat. El Prez, Cambatta, & Mike Milan - Let Me Ride
11. Mac Miller - Interlude
12. Mac Miller - Live My Life (prod. Soul Theory)
13. Eon - The World Don't Stop
14. Subliminal feat. Jay Red & J. Rambo - Close To Me
15. Dutch NY - Code Of The Streets
16. Mac Miller - Unfaithful
17. Esso - Don't Stop
18. Iconn feat. Warbux & DZK - Stainless
19. Clyde Carson - Secret Lover
20. Mac Miller - I Think I'm In Love (prod. S. Class)
21. Mac Miller - Outro


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