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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Funkey Flash Back (FFB) is a woman owned business, which was establised in 1993. Amidst a kitchen conversation, FFB was created. Now many years later the dream has come alive. The latitude to persevere, endure, and to be motivated has brought FFB to fruition. With the help of my parents and strong minds, it has created a dynamic foundation for FFB to soar like an eagle. No matter what oppositions come our way.

FFB is more than an apparel line, it is a way of life, a STATEMENT! An urban designer apparel line with a vision to reach the market place with an array of colors. All skins of leather and exotic skins to bring enjoyment to all who purchase.

A woman designer of young men's urban wear that is rich in taste, color and style. FFB will reach young people to aspire them to achieve, believe and succeed. Flashing Back to the roots of HIP HOP (because we cannot forget where it all started) enables FFB to design for our modern society. The designs are FUNKEY and unusual, not your everyday HIP HOP apparel.

When you hear the name "Sher Sher", this should make you think of a young, strong-willed entrepreneur. With a love for music and fashion, she has started FFB to crack open the entertainment industry. As a young child she was exposed to the arts. With a passion forever bubbling inside, now is the year for all aspirations to come to fruition. FFB is the new height in the urban designer market. Sher Sher plans on taking this company to the top with the help of great parents and staff. Nothing shall stop her endeavors. Funkey Flash Back is going to erupt the market with the colors of life!

Mission Statement:

Funkey Flash Back is the new wave of energy in the fashion industry. We are breaking barriers and stepping over boundaries. CROSSING THE UNFORSEEN LINE. Bringing a new "leatherfied" style to the urban world, with an array of colors that is unimaginable. Catering to all walks of life, FFB has no color barrier. In today's world, anyone can be "urbanized". By reaching out to the community, we will embrace our youth, and keep them from going astray. For they are our future.


Funkey Flash Back Designer Apparel
Sher Sher, Creative Director
Online Store:

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