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Thursday, September 17, 2009


What's Poppin Peoples!

Remember when I told you about Gwen Stefani or Amy Whinehouse, M.I.A? Well, guess who's got next a new-comer from Canada who has a very destinctive sound and feeel about her music. In a age of newcomers like Lady Gaga who takes you on the far side this is a familiar yet new feeling you get when you hear her. Kind of sounds like when Carine Bailey meets Rock-N-Roll this girl is hot!

Raised by immigrant parents from Guyana in the Toronto suburb of Oaksville, singer Anjulie has her feet planted firmly in the world of pop, but her music is influenced by the multi-cultural sounds that were favored by her older siblings. At 17 she landed an internship at the Metalworks recording studio in Toronto. It was there she met Jon Levine, the keyboardist from the Philosopher Kings. The pair became songwriting partners, writing tracks for teen pop singer Emma Roberts' debut album, along with the Philosopher Kings' album Castles, both released in 2005. Three years later, Kreesha Turner would have Canadian Top 10 hit with the duo's song "Don't Call Me Baby." In 2009 Anjulie released her own single, "Boom," a teaser for her debut album scheduled for release later that same year.

This star is someone you def want to keep on the radar!

Check out more on this artist at her sites listed below:

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