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Tuesday, September 22, 2009



The songstress Mya is back in the studio again and her release of the second single "Blackout" is expected to climb the charts just like her #1 hit "Lady Marmalade". Mya stepped back and looked at the women in abusive relationships and decided that it was time for abuse women around the world to have a song that expressed everything they feel but can not verbally express. If you carefully listen to the lyrics of this new single you can visualize the triumph of women around the world standing up for themselves and refusing to accept the role of being a victim. "Blackout" is a verbal warning for abusers around the world that it is not acceptable to abuse the people in your life that love you the most because one day they will "Blackout" on you.

This song is currently being service to DJs around the world so call your local station and request "Blackout" by Mya. The smooth vocals that Mya brings to this track only enhances the message and the track will cause you to place this single of repeat many times. Also, watch out for Mya and her dance partner Dmitry Chaplin on the ninth season "Dancing with the Stars" to air on ABC on September 21st 8/7 pm cst.

Mýa is currently working on her 6th studio album due this fall and to be released on her own independent label, entitled Planet 9. She recently inked a deal with J. Prince's Young Empire Music Group and will release a mixtape called Beauty & The Streets Vol.1 on September 29, 2009. First single, Show Me Somethin' featuring Houston-rapper Bun B has already leaked onto the Internet and service to the djs and radio stations. You can purchase the single from ITunes and you can download the ringtone by sending a text Mya2b to 30303 or her website

In 2008, Mýa had a starring role in the direct-to-dvd romantic comedy film Love For Sale. Mýa played a college student named Kiely in a bad relationship. The film was released to DVD on October 21, 2008.

In 2010, Mýa will hit the big screen in the upcoming psychological thriller "Disciple" directed by the Clark Brothers click "here" for more info on the film. The film stars Taral Hicks as well. Production on the film starts September 2009

Download Link for Single:"HERE"

Shouts to my homies Adotable P & Serge for this one!


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